Bhuz Witness Thread

last year

Hello everyone, this is bhuz!
I am a long time follower and supporter of BTS (since the PTS era in fact) and now I would like to support STEEM too, as far as I can!

I am an experienced witness for both BitShares 2.0 and MUSE network, active since the very beginning and even before, since I participated in the testnet phase too.

Currently I am one of the top bts-witness, for both votes-count and reliability:
I was among the first to help restore the BTS network during the two network-freeze we experienced.

I am quite active on telegram and slack, ready to share knowledge, give support and coordinate with other witnesses in case of need.

I would really appreciate your support and vote for my STEEM witness bhuz
vote_for_witness your-account bhuz true true

Thank you!

Update #1: Added a seed-node at
Update #2: During the emergency hard fork that took place on May 26th evening (UTC time), after several attempts and difficulties from the active witnesses, I successfully got everyone to sync, making them able to restore the chain.

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  ·  19 days ago

Dear bhuz you have my vote!

  ·  6 days ago

i Hv vote you....