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This is BearGame and the first time that I am posting on the Blockchain.
I am a gamer and interested in new technologies like Blockchain and also the relevant economics coming from cryptocurrencies.

My Steem witness server has been started after getting help calls from different Steem users as they would need teams to run witness nodes for the Steem blockchain. It looks like the last few months have been rough for the community and we should use our time to concentrate on cleaning and rebuilding this home.


My witness server is currently running on version 0.23.1 and as we can see all witnesses up to the 28th place are running their witness without any issues. After the hardfork 0.23, nodes that are running unsupported and not conform versions are not anymore relevant nor a problem for the Steem blockchain anymore.


After the hardfork, a lot of 3rd party tools are not anymore available and/or should be used with care. I would like to summarize the tools that are essential.

1. Block Explorer - SteemScan.com

Steemd.com was the main block explorer for Steem and had been maintained formerly from Steemit or employees from Steemit Inc. It does look like that Steemit Inc. is not anymore in control of Steemd, because the platform is used to spread messages from other services. There is now an alternative from the current Steem witness @futureshock called SteemScan.com. If you have not yet voted for @futureshock, you can look for @future.witness to vote.


2. Steem Insight Tool - Steemworld.org


A must-know tool for any Steemian from the top witness @steemchiller. You can vote directly the account steemchiller. It has one of the most inclusive dashboards with all relevant information about any Steem account and additional tools like Transfer Search, Account Creator, Account Recovery, Key Generator, and Delegation History.

If you need to delegate Steem or undelegate it, need to know how much rewards you will have in the next 7 days, Steemworld.org is the place you will get help. The site is not saving any personal data and private posting and memo keys are encrypted and cached only readable on your own browser.

3. Steem Keychain


The original version of Steem Keychain had been developed and partly used also as political message board for the forked chain. Steem Keychain is still running and available, but some functions having bugs and it does not look like that it is going to be maintained anymore. As Steem Keychain is Open Source, there is now a forked version of Steem Keychain with some improvements and having a developer behind it who is taking care about the functions. The developer behind is @happyberrysboy.

If you download the new chrome extension, you will see that the color if the extension is different from the original version.

You can find the link for the extension below

Forked better Steem Keychain from @happyberrysboy

Almost all exchanges have now upgraded to the actual node version and started to open their wallets. With a stable Steem environment, we are now looking into an exciting future with a small but fine community creating the next generation of social media on the Blockchain.

If you have a witness vote left, a vote for @beargame would be also appreciated.

Steem, Peace, and out!


Great to see that you will provide a stable SteemKeychain version! Do you plan to add a link to the source code? I think it would be important for a project like this in order to get more trust from the people.

Also a Firefox version would be very appreciated, as there are still many people using it as their main browser (the FF version always had a few display bugs, maybe they can finally be fixed).

Anyway, I'm glad someone took on this one. More and more developers are joining us on Steem to renew the old extensions and tools. Thank you!

The forked version is maintained by a developer called @happyberrysboy. I don't exactly know if the source is in the moment opened again. It does look like that a firefox fork is not yet available. I hope that @happyberrysboy is looking into this matter.

Steem, Peace, and out!

Thanks for the info. Looks like I read your post faster than I should and missed that part, but now I got it :) Yes, would be great, if @happyberrysboy could also provide a Firefox version.

Steem on!

Is it possible to login in steemworld also with the "new" keychain ?

I didn't test it yet, but it should work, if the base functionalities weren't changed in the new version. I will test it in the next few days ;)

A warm welcome and good luck for all your projects!

Thanks a lot for your warm welcome!

A cordial greeting @beargame
I request your permission to translate this information as it is into other languages. At the moment Spanish. If you have a preference let me know.

Hi @mariita52,
any kind of translation of this posting is always welcome.

Steem, Peace, and out!

Thanks @beargame,
Any suggestion please let me know.

upvoted and resteemed

thanks for the list

Is it possible to export / import the data from "old" to "new" Keychain ?

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