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The developers on Steem are either recreating or making new tools for the Steem Blockchain. As always it is not easy to find all the tools you need, so I would like to introduce important tools that are created from trusted parties.

Please be always aware of where you are sharing or inputting your private keys, as some untrusted or malicious services can harm your account directly or indirectly. A famous case was the hack of the account community321, which had been created via the paid service from anonsteem. After checking the service architecture, it is possible to access your ID and master key on the web interface, when you know the invoice number.

A trusted party on Steem is @justyy, who is currently a top witness and offering various services under the domain


To introduce the most convenient tools, I will concentrate on services that are directly related to end-users.

Free account creation. is offering a free account creation service and is requiring only a working email. The process is simple as you have only to enter your email address and your wanted account.

  • Move to:
  • Enter email and wanted account name
  • Check your email from justyy(at) and confirm the link (checking if your email is valid)
  • Wait for a second email, which concludes your Masterkey.
  • Go to and enter your Masterkey to check your other keys (Private, Owner, Active, Posting and Memo Key)

Don't lose your Masterkey and it is highly recommended to change your Masterkey after creating it.
You can change your Masterkey immediately at from @steemchiller.

Change your Account recovery

If your account has been hacked and your masterkey has been changed, you can recover your account with the account recovery process. But if your account has not been created from Steem itself, your account recovery is normally the account that created yours. You can manually change your account recovery and @justyy is offering a service that is making this process easy.

Even after changing your recovery account, it will take 30 days to be activated.


Steem Witness vote overview


With this tool, you can directly review your votes for witnesses and can unvote inactive or wrong witnesses from your account. You will need to use your active key.

Steem API Node status


@justyy is keeping an actual list of API full nodes of Steem and checking if they are running well or not and on which version. This tool is not directly relevant for end-users when the Steem blockchain is running smoothly, but in normal case, there can be full node issues if you have troubles on or using the Steem blockchain. It is a good place to check if you are using the right node. (Nodes can be changed manually at Steemkeychain)

That's it for today.

Steem. Peace. and out!


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