au1nethyb1 witness in the LAN down under!

G'Day! I’m excited about the vast potential of Steemit and would like to get your support for managing an elected witnesses for the STEEM network.

My witness is able to provide global diversity for the STEEM network as it’s hosted on enterprise scalable Amazon AWS infrastructure in Australia.
Being in Australia is an advantage for the network in that I’ll likely be available at odd hours, and can monitor and alert the devs or other witnesses if there are any STEEM network issues while most are sleeping!

Witness Name: au1nethyb1
Witness IP: undisclosed


My credentials for managing a STEEM witness are as an early contributor to the bitshares community:

  • Managed two bitshares delegates and two seed nodes
  • Enabled bitshares listing on Bittrex exchange
  • Originally developed and managed the minebitshares virtual mining multi-pool

Anyone can contact me on Skype as nethyb or at [email protected]

If you’d like to show your support:

vote_for_witness "youraccountnamehere" "au1nethyb1" true true


Witness Update for au1nethyb1 - May 2nd 2016

I've started a discussion thread and Adoption Accelerator fund to inspire the community to think about how we might ease adoption for existing communities that may be interested in using steemit. The fund will provide 5K STEEM right away from my personal funds and the inital SBD reward proceeds from the post - currently likely to be 10K SBD!

You can read about the ideas and fund here : (

Supporting Aussie Steemers.
Thanks for your work.

Hey there, I upvoted you as a witness. I don't know what I'm​ doing, but I think I am helping you out in some way.


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