New Witness Announcement! Greetings from @asbear

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Dear Steemians,

Let me proudly introduce myself as a new witness. I am a new backup witness who just has started signing on blocks 2 days ago, who is ranked around 80th and generates just around 5 blocks a day, which I have never missed so far. Smooth start, and I am pretty sure that my service will be constantly smooth. Huge thanks to the dedicated witness @clayop for his sincere support.

Who Am I

I am a full stack software engineer with more than 15 years of experience. I started writing code using gw-basic when I was like 10 years old , and then have been surviving through the all the software engineering revolutions until now. I started my career with the prehistoric web development and then became a hardcore C++ programmer. Being a C++ backend developer, I have gone through telecom, broadcasting, security sectors with the high obsession with the performance but finally got out from the black and white world and joined a startup company to learn the super cool web technology stacks, clouds, containers etc. Currently, I live in London, working for Amazon UK as a full stack software engineer. Now I am really into the cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, and eager to jump into the rocket before it is too late.

Apart from the technical background, I am a runner, swimmer and a dog lover. I am especially seriously crazy for the black labrador retriever.
[Ggamji, a lovely lady of my dear Steemian @allpass]

How am I contributing to STEEM community

I have been an active user at Steemit for the last 8 months. Not surprisingly I read, write, curate, code and help newbies on But what I actually do for the community is slightly extraordinary than this.

Peaceful War on Spam

Due to the high rank, "kr" tag has been seriously abused by the other steemians who do not even understand what that means. Korean community took that matter very seriously because the situation seriously discouraged new Korean steemians joining. There were lots of downvotes and arguments that would have never been able to solve the situation peacefully.

In order to release the tensions, I invented @krguidedog which is a bot helping the Korean channel to be more usable and enjoyable. The bot tries to communicate with the authors, and persuade them not to add a "kr" tag in their posts if they think it is unrelated to Korea. Majority of the authors said they were just using "kr" because the tag was one of the top-ranked tags, and promised to stop using it.

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@krguidedog is now providing multiple commands for:

  • cheering up the other good authors with a friendly comment and 0.6 STEEM
  • promoting outstanding postings by voting and resteeming
  • welcoming new steemians and introducing him/her to everyone

Now @krguidedog only serves the KR community, but it could fit very well to Japanese community as well. I guess SMT might make @krguidedog useless, but then I will be even happier because we will own a cleaner community automatically. @krguidedog will happily retire. :)

Korean Translation

Average Korean tend to feel uncomfortable when they are using non-translated websites, which results in not returning to the service. was the one of the sites. I decided to drive the Korean translation project, and successfully delivered the 3rd revision of the Korean translation. I am going to start the 4th revision soon.

Related commit to condenser:
Pull Request:

I believe the Korean translation must have been definitely contributing to the increase of the Steemit account count.

Building useful tools

I've been playing with SteemJS and found it really exciting. No need to care of the backend and just start to code right away? Super awesome. So I've dived into it and created some useful tools. These are not fully mature yet but still useful. Especially "Steem Insight" can be quite interesting for everyone who wants to know more about their Steemit life.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 16.08.33.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 16.09.41.png

Just give it a try for fun!

My Witness Server

Server on Google Cloud
CPU/Memory: Intel Haswell 4 vCPUs, 26 GB memory
Storage: 750GB SSD (Raid0, 375GB x 2)
Location: US East

I prefer using cloud than any other options. Although it is more pricy, the great flexibility and the scalability cannot be beaten. Currently my server is fully capable for handling my duty. Once I get to the stage to afford and need a backup node, I can instantiate the side nodes and that's it.

Why not using AWS but using the competitors service? Because it's expensive, and no employee discount. :P

Why Vote on @asbear for witness?

I am a very capable person to deal with this job. I do understand how the high throughput backend system works. I do understand most of the fundamental network protocols, languages and the majority of the technologies that STEEM is built on. If not, I believe that I can learn very fast.

My short term goals are:

  • Becoming a good and trusted witness
  • Continuing supporting Korean community
  • Providing my Guidedog service to Japanese community, which is also a huge market for Steemit.

My long term vision is contributing the STEEM projects with my software engineering experiences. I will build up the necessary knowledges and experiences while I am performing the backup witness.

My long journey has just begun.

Please support me:

If you think I can be a good witness, please vote on me through this link:


welcome fellow witness. thank you for the nice introduction post. I wish you great success as witness. Kind regards, Rival

Thanks @rival for your warm welcoming. all the best for you.

I will always support you!!!
you make steemit clean and happy :) especially KR!
Thank you so much!!!

Thanks @feyee95 for your support! :)

Wow! Congratulations on your being new witness!
애스베어님 축하드려요! :-) 가이드독 활동도 너무 감사드립니다!

감사합니다! 이제 좀더 책임감있게 활동할게요 ^^

역시 겁나 대단하신 능력자 베어님!!
아프지 마시고 오래오래 하세유~~ ㅎㅎㅎ

@mastertri님 늘 격려주시고 감사합니다 ^^

저도 소식 듣자마자 투표했네요.

지지에 감사드립니다!

에스베어님 축하드립니다..! 항상 Kr 커뮤니티 정화에 힘써주셔서 감사해요!

@steamfunk님 감사해요 ^^

Ok I will support you and hoping you gonna be ok and dream on.

it's done you have my vote as you wanna be. hope you will remember me when you got your dream here. Good luck @asbear

really appreciate your support @jie28!

Welcome aboard.

Well, I am really exciting to welcome a new witness who is engineer serving for Amazon!! I am really proud of your support for KR community. I hope your journey is always with luck and bless. Many thanks.

thank you for your kind words :)

무식한 것이 자랑은 아니지만
해독기 돌리기엔 이야기가 많아서요ㅠ.ㅠ
한국 사람이 영어 못 하면 어때....이러면서 혼자 웃어요 영국은 지금 낮이죠?

감사합니다 별거있나요.. 이렇게 인사하는게 통관의례같아보여서 적었답니다. 그런데 외국활동을안해서그런지 외국친구들 댓글이 거의 안달렸네요 ㅎㅎ

에스베어님의 진가를
아직 알아보지 못해서일 거예요

휴 그랜트 뺨치는 인기가 있지 않을까
점쳐 봅니다만 ㅎㅎ

즐거운 날 되셔요

You sound like a community addition that we are lucky to have. Expect my support. Oh, BTW, my feeling is that you need not worry about missing crypto . It seems here to stay. 😎

exactly. so like everyone else here! :)

You brought out the big guns which i'm a big fan of: STEEMPAY! You have my vote as I believe these sort of contributions is what most witnesses should be focused on delivering to us!

언제나 감사드리며 투표완료!

@akuku 님 늘 감사합니다 ~ ^^

투표하러갑니다 ~~~

@honeythegreat 님 감사합니다!

Literally Magnificent! :)

Congrats for being selected as a backup witness,
I know how significant project you brought to steemit for greater good. (And in fact it really helps the steemit community)

Will support you with my vote, and I believe many people who appreciate your dedication & hard work for steemit will do the same :)

Thank you for your hard work once again!
Have a nice day @asbear :)

thank you for your nice words I am so flattered ;)

투표, 위임 둘다 완료!!! 1위 가즈앗!!!

이로움님! 지지에 감사드립니다..

여유롬입니다만 소곤소곤... ㅎㅎㅎ

저는 @clayop님에게 투표권 위임한 상황이니 리스팀으로 한번 더 힘을 보탭니다. ^^

정말 감사합니다! @clayop님한테 위임해주시는것이 더 좋습니다!! ^^

I will always support you~~^^


멋지십니다.. 앞으로도 여러모로 화이팅입니다! ^^

훌륭합니다 자랑스럽습니다 스티밋 증인의 사명 잘 읽었습니다
앞으로 스티밋의 빛과 소금이 되어주시길 빌어요 멕씨 보꾸!!!!

와아 리스팀과 투표!!!
항상 감사드려욧!!!!

투표했어요~ 응원 합니다. :)

축하드려요 더 투표 갑니다!

글이 간지 나네요 ㅎㅎ 리스팀 확인 사이트가 uk인게 특이했는데 @asbear님 것이었군요!. 저도 clayop님에게로 위임해 놓을께요. 미미하지만 앞으로 점차 늘어날 겁니다~

항상. 응원합니다 ~

Hello! You sound like a good witness! I'm happy to support you.

50위 안으로 가즈앗!!!!!


ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 그것만되어도 진짜 신나겠습니다 ^^ 정말 감사해요~!!