Upvote @neoxian As A Very Generous Witness


I know a new witness. The witness is named @neoxian. The Witness @neoxian is well known and friendly. My steemit plaform wears a lot of witnesses, but they never show up in my post. Although I often give upvote on their articles. The question mark, why price unrequited?

Including what I learned, the @neoxian witness was the only kindly witness. I'm happy if @neoxian is present in my post. Because I see dipostingan friends, @neoxian very generous and light hand in helping. In the midst of hard down SBD, we need many witnesses like @neoxian.

I vote for faithful testimony to attend my post, as well as what I do for loyal users present on my blog. I sincerely hope that @neoxian is present and grows to be a great witness amongst the small and weak.

If you are unsure of the @neoxian witness, you can see all the activities on the @neoxian blog. Please pass @neoxian because he will be kind. I can mention @neoxian as a protector and who will raise my small and weak steemit blog.

Again, I believe @neoxian always gives upvote to users and comments on our posts. @neoxian is very happy when you comment on his post and he will reply to your comments. In addition @neoxian provides @neoxian bank. Anyone who wants to save him will give to anyone.

I once wondered, what is the use of choosing so many words, that it becomes very bush. I used to hope to get an upvote reply, no. Instead of making me aware of the trouble, no writing came to help. I hope the witnesses @neoxian different and inexpensive mirror.
my question is?

If you agree with the @neoxian witness, please launch this: https://steemit.com/~witnesses. Write neoxian in the available category, then confirm approval to choose the @neoxian witness, which I do after this. Sorry if I can not do screen shots because the laptop facility is broken. I took a picture with my friend's mobile phone.



Warm greetings and happy get upvote from @neoxian.




Thank's for vistit to my blob. I am glad, @neoxian.

Always happy to visit your blob.

sir how can i give my witness vote for you?


You'll have to type my name in the box.

sir can i done my witness vote?

Nice (y) .


sir here is a problem, what can i do?

Find me in chat if you need help, thanks.

Thank for you vote @neoxian to witness

(Y) @arafatnur