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AmbientHex here, but most people call me Sean. Hoping to receive some votes to serve as a Steem Witness. I have setup a Witness Server and have the required price feed updates reporting hourly.

I have been into Steem since November 2016. My background is in Information Technology with 30+ years of software development experience in the defense (bleh), finance and tech startup sectors. I primarily develop software for Linux / UNIX, but I do a little bit of everything from LAMP development, mobile development, embedded systems, database design and anything else I can get into. Looking to start some blockchain and Steem app development this year and learning more about crypto currency infrastructure. I'm open to collaborate on some Steem app development projects.

Anyway, the Steem Witness server is up and running on a high bandwidth and production ready system. It's picking up new blocks. Please drop a Steem Witness vote for ambienthex to help bring it into the Witness pool. Steem will continue to grow and the more decentralized resources on hand the better for all. Place your steem witness vote for ambienthex here:

Few more details about AmbientHex
U.S. Army Veteran who served in Latin America and Haiti. I'm also a father to a brilliant 12 year old boy with incredible memory skills. Guess I'm of the Anarchist variety, but I'm not much of a fan for people type labels. I juggle a lot roles as a father and technologist in the tech startup area. When I do have a moment for myself, I'm usually playing keyboard and trying to make music.

My son and I
He's the one wearing the paperclip on the pocket. Little hacker wanna be who remembers multiple long Hex Wifi passwords across the city. His preferred programming languages are PERL and LISP, but mostly anything that runs on XBox...

Playing around near the George Washington Bridge:

One of my songs:

Ok, too much blabba blabba blabba already! Please don't forget to vote ambienthex in as a Steem Witness. Looking forward to see if everything is setup correctly. Appears so, just need the Witness votes now. Vote here:

Steem Witness Server ripping through blocks:

Price feed Confirmation:
[2018-01-18T07:09:35.279Z] finding account ambienthex
[2018-01-18T07:09:35.279Z] attempting to login account ambienthex
[2018-01-18T07:09:35.400Z] logged in
[2018-01-18T07:09:35.400Z] Successfully logged into user ambienthex

[2018-01-18T07:09:35.400Z] Publishing immediately, then every 60 minute(s)
[2018-01-18T07:09:35.401Z] Querying Poloniex (btc/steem)
[2018-01-18T07:09:35.406Z] Querying Bittrex (btc/steem)
[2018-01-18T07:09:35.407Z] Querying Poloniex (btc/usd)

[2018-01-18T07:09:35.502Z] STEEM/USD is 4.010
[2018-01-18T07:09:35.505Z] Data published at: Thu Jan 18 2018 07:09:35 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Voting for a Steem witness:

  1. Visit

  2. Enter ambienthex and then click vote.
    Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 5.50.13 AM.png

  3. Click the green up arrow.
    Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 5.50.41 AM.png

Kind Regards,

Ambient Hex


Voted! I finally found you on here. Thats one more facebeef connection that I don't need to go there for to be in touch with.

I will be trying to follow your path soon. I'd like to see some of us get in the pool.

Welcome to the Witness world. Come find me if you need assistance or join me at discord

Good luck to you, we have a long road ahead.

Good to know we have a new witness. Maybe in the future, you will help us too :)

Definitely! Have some apps in mind that may help with the growth of the Steem community. Lots of innovation opportunities in the app space with Steem.

great work

Thanks! Following you as well. Don't forget to add me as a Steem Witness. Plan to share any earnings via the Witness role with great content providers across the platform if I receive enough votes to get the server into the pool. Vote here:

Just enter ambienthex in the first field at the bottom of that Steem page and vote.

Welcome aboard the Witness STEEM Train sir, and thank you for your military service as well.

I cannot tell you how much that mans to the son of a WWII Marine vet.

I have cast a vote for you as witness, I know how hard they are to come by, A reciprocal vote for @libertyranger would be appreciated.

Done! Nice block explorer here where you can find my witness vote for @libertyranger!/

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I will really love to be part of this too, this is really going to be good for the future.

Okay, I will be voting witness

wow you stand on danger place you have no fear of your life

Since I saw your publication in the white house you marked me, thanks for the contribution. You have my vote as a Witness. Reesteem!

You are very well posted. I'll read your posts regularly since now.

Interesting exercise, but probably too much competition to ever get up into the pool circulation. Will give it a bit longer and see.