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RE: @ura-soul Witness Application

you are genius my friend,you are designer, coder, tester, marketer, community admin, server admin and everything else at ureka which is your own company..How you manage all this thing at the same time?.I wonder,that is really awesome man.You have a great experience friend.I also know dot net,sql server but the basic that is why I am not getting I am learning dot net deeply..I know how the website is built and about webserver.
that is why I want to earn money from here to complete my advanced dot net course..As you are senior Please suggest me some idea if you have..Do I change dot net to Php or not?do i need to learn something else?..Please reply if you have some time..thanks once again..


I am deeply committed to bringing certain changes to our planet - so I have a lot of motivation and I do not have any children or a wife to keep me busy ;)

I have used an early version of dot net and several different SQL server platforms - including sql server. If you want to make websites then there are clients who will pay you to work in dot net I am sure - but I think PHP is still more common. I haven't looked into dot net for a long time, but I am guessing that it is used more by large corporations who are invested in Microsoft products already. In my experience PHP is more commonly used and is more accessible and basically free too. If you know the principles of programming then PHP is not difficult to learn - in fact it's quite easy.

It comes down to what you want to do in life and what kind of projects you want to work on, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have experience in several different languages.

thanks to reply my friend and thanks for the valuable suggestion..yes I was also thinking to learn php
because dot net framework is very vast..and I have heard from many that learning php is easy as compared to dot net and php has many job I will definitely learn php from youtube there are lots of video of php..I am feeling now confident after reading your reply..If you know some other field from where I can earn money without investing please tell are very kind person.God bless you..

Great ok, you can learn PHP through playing with the elgg plugins since they are all open source and there are many of them to learn from. If you go to the website you can view the reference for the language and learn about all the commands too.
earning money without investing usually means being creative in some way - maybe you can create a simple tool of some kind for steemit using PHP as a test project.. if it is useful then you will get some votes and payout here for sure.

ok i will try my best..but can you give me a hint what kind of tool I can create for steemit with php,already there are many features in steemit?and it will also take a time because I have to learn php first very deeply..then I can create a test project and then contact you..but thanks for the suggestion of elgg are very nice my friend..whenever you got the time you always reply..

i have been helped by many people and i can feel when it is good to help other people - so i do ;)
i think you will need to do some research to find a good tool to make for steemit - i can only think of big projects at the moment - but if i think of any small ones then i will let you know.

ok thanks for the help my friend,I really appreciate your hard work..Ok I will research on it..I will keep in touch with you through your post..

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