Why I only choose technical people as withness

in withness •  2 years ago

Because marketing is easy/easier business is easily understood.

It's easier for a person with a technical background to go into business but not the other way round.

Yes we want steem to go mainstream,yes we want steem the beat Facebook... But with sales pitch and marketing?

Dont think so.

It needs to be 10x better than Facebook and obviously we are not there yet.

Steem is not ready for mainstream.

The infrastructure is not finished.

There are technical challengers and economic challengers still need fine tuning.

And voting a marketing guy today only bring in new users and create bad user experience for them e.g when will my account activate?

What steem need is more developers and the best way to the help fund development is by voting them as withness (and they should not miss producing blocks)

Maybe hardfork 22 steem can implement a treasury system for devs

Honestly i'm still not sure why Dan left for eos steem is unfinished... Just saying

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I don't know abt the infrastructure of Steemit - but the user experience is not great at present.

I would consider myself a very tech savvy person with a lot of experience in the web landscape - but just to figure out the wallet features took quite a while. This is most probably a major hurdle for adaptation of the platform.


what i mean by infrastructure was something like buying steem with creditcard or through coinbase, I know there's changelly but the commission is a "fraud"

about the wallet let's compare steemit wallet to myetherwallet with all those phishing and hacks, average folks will get their ether stolen without a way to recovery it, unlike steem 30 day policy

have you tried busy.org? personally i think it's a better interface