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Hello Steemians, I bring to you another episode of my interview in which I get to ask some technical Steem questions and also bring you closer to your witnesses. For this week's interview, I bring to you @neoxian, a man who has a great passion for the Steem blockchain, owner of the bank of neoxian, as well as a reputable witness . Be sure to sit tight and grab a cup of coffee while reading through this great interview!

Meet @neoxian


@jamesmovic - who introduced you to steemit?

@neoxian - No one introduced me to it, I discovered it for myself.

@jamesmovic - what was your motive for joining?

@neoxian - This was right around when the Bitcoin blocksize controversy had started. This made clear that forums like Reddit and Bitcoin talk were heavily censored. I’m into blockchains, so I wanted a censorship free forum on the blockchain. I was also pretty impressed by the Steem Whitepaper.

@jamesmovic - what special side projects are you doing on the block chain, for example witnesses?

@neoxian - Right now my biggest and most noteworthy project is my bank. I’m basically running a bank on this Steem blockchain. That means: taking deposits and giving loans.
Also I’ve started my own Discord server: City of Neoxian

@jamesmovic - who are witnesses to you, and why do you think newbies should cast their vote for you?

@neoxian - Witnesses form the backbone of the steem blockchain. They are the guardians and promoters of the chain, and they should be working on various projects to make Steem better. Again, my big project is my bank and if you think that is important, then you may show support by voting for me.

@jamesmovic. - what was your major reason for creating the bank of neoxian?

@neoxian - It sort of just happened. I made a post a while back about being a loan shark. The post was meant as a joke but @betamusic took it seriously and took a loan from me. Then, later on, @justinashby gave me some money to deposit into my bank. But even though I didn’t plan it, it’s a good project. It’s part of my message “Think outside the post.” I’m trying to encourage people to not just make money by posting, but by running a business on this blockchain.

@jamesmovic - Do you think the quality of content, overall the steem platform is improving ,and are these quality contents been recognized and promoted?

@neoxian - Quality of content: I’m not sure this is improving. I’m just hoping for SMT on this one
Over all though I’m cautiously optimistic that the Steem platform is improving. Plenty of room for improvement.

@jamesmovic - What do you think is the major cause of bandwidth issues with some users, mostly newbies and what is the way out?

@neoxian - I haven’t heard too much about this problem, but I guess it exists. The best way out for an individual is for them to increase their steem power. Often when newbie contacts me about this problem, they have steem and/or SBD in their account that they could power up.

@jamesmovic - Do you think voting on steemit is based solely on quality content?

@neoxian - No of course not. Sometimes it is, other times it’s self voting, or friends voting voting each other, all too often it’s paid bot voting, or the result of various deals and horse trading.

@jamesmovic. - What has been your greatest challenge since you joined steemit, and what was your way of overcoming it

@neoxian - For me, it’s improving my “people” skills, which I’ll admit can be lacking. Getting better at negotiating, keeping my cool, bartering, haggling, spotting scammers and falsehoods. To overcome it…it’s just practice, like anything else worth having.

@jamesmovic - What advice are you willing to give to newbies who are feeling dejected due to low upvote ?

@neoxian - I imagine it can be pretty hard for a new person starting out here. Nothing worth having comes easy. This isn’t just about Steem, but life in general. Trust me when I say that I’ve had to plug away, working hard for many many years before I got to where I am today. Sure I’m successful in Steem today, but that came from many years of work I did before the Steem system ever existed.

Ok, the generic advice:
Network and make friends. Get involved in Discord and projects. Make smart comments on other people’s posts. Write about the things you find fascinating, that you have passion for.
Power up your steem power if you can, the more the merrier. Steem power is your kung fu and mojo and will make things easier for you.
Bonus: join my Discord: City of Neoxian

@jamesmovic - What’s your take on this interview, and do you have any advice to make it better?

@neoxia - It’s ok as interviews go. It probably wouldn’t hurt to toss in some off the wall question, to spice it up.


@neoxian has spoken on the need for all steemians to cast their votes for the witnesses of their choice. If you truly believe in @neoxian dream, in making the community a better place, you can support him, and make his efforts count, by casting your vote for @neoxian. If you are doing this for the first time, all you need to do is to head down to the witness page,and follow the procedures written in the image below.


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Below are the names of witnesses I'm currently voting for :

@pharesim @noisy.witness @castellano @neoxian @steemgigs @timclif and @adsactly.withness. you can also give your support by casting your vote for those names.

Thank you all for taking your time to read through this interview, and also for voting for these witnesses.

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What a nice interview you ve got here... I love the advice @neoxian gave especially the generic ones. ....keep up the good work

This us very educating. I especially love the generic advice. I would definitely vote @neoxisn as a witness.

@jamesmovic, you are doing a very good job! Kudos


Thank you so much

Awww, @jamesmovic, keep up the good work


Its an honour to see you coment on my blog.... I hope you enjoyed reading the interview... See you on the next episode


I did and i will visit again

This is wisdom at it's no matter how many times one goes through your show with various people there is always a difference.
@neoxian your answers were really impactful thanks for all you do on the blockchain.


You have always been present right from the day I started this show....i count myself very lucky to have met a very loyal friend like you.. Once again thanks for stopping by.

Great job @jamesmovic for bringing these whales to us.
You're doing good. Keep it up


Thanks for stopping by brother.... Watch out, my next guest might be you


my next guest might be you

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