A Witch Hunt May Have Ruined Steemit For Me

in #witchhunt6 years ago (edited)

We all have probably noticed the witch hunt being thrown in our faces over the past couple days, now some personal friends and myself have been dragged into it as well, simply for working together as a community. 


I started powering down today, d3nv3r said he would give me the value in Canadian dollars each cycle. I don't think he plans to use them, he is also powering down. 

@d3nv3r and I have been anonymously providing the financial means for most of the giveaways hosted by a friend of ours, you guessed it, @taskmanager.

If the trolling ends we may come back, but for now I think we would be better off AFK.


I would hate to see you go over false accusations.

I do understand 'this person' is trying to prevent fraud and corruption and is doing some of his own investigating. He has pretty much proven a couple others are frauds.

Just keep doing what your doing if what your doing is nothing wrong. You and your team have more power than him. Use it to prove your right!

I do like you and follow and upvote your stuff. Hope you stick around.

Is there a post which provides context for this?

It started as an attack on @virtualgrowth for an error in his payout script, then it turned into an attack on @taskmanager for working with @virtualgrowth, now to an attack on us for working with @taskmanager.

This person is trying to use this error to form a witch hunt in order to gain their own popularity.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. It has to be frustrating to be accused of something when you did nothing wrong, I definitely know the feeling in my personal life.

In order to get people to see the truth often times all it takes is telling the story of what happened from your point of view. I hope instead of leaving Steemit, you could try this first.

Either steemit will get more popular and people like him won't matter, or steemit will die because of people like him.

If @nikflossus wants to make an apology post retracting his unfounded accusations we may stay... But I doubt he will.

I have a feeling that the entire group that was brought to steemit by @d3nv3r will leave without his support here. This includes @bitnat, @oliverstoney, likely @taskmanager and a few others. @d3nv3r is the glue that holds us all together, and he was attacked today for being that glue.

Haters are going to hate. It is unfortunate. Hopefully one person/incident doesn't ruin the whole site/community for you :(

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