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in wish •  11 months ago

I really hope for people to stop seeing cryptocurrencies as a way to make money fast but rather a technology that can help us in the administration of our resources.

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How many of those people get to the whitepaper? Actually know where they are putting their money? what they are buying?

I think the percentage is very very very low.

Well, the money making is going to be faster.
As more people get into cryptos. The more cryptos go up, the more people get into cryptos.

And we really need all the early adopters in, so that things start getting settled and more businesses start accepting cryptos.

The trouble with your statement is that it is about 12% too early.
We are only at around 1-2% adoption, and we need to get up to the 12-13%.

And, I think you wildest dreams will be fulfilled, just because cryptos are not inflationary. i.e. the FED is not stealing 6% of your wealth every year.