How To Make A Right Decision?

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"To be happy is not a goal and not an acquired well, but a solution! (C. Santana)

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Much in our life depends on our decisions. Almost every day we ask ourselves: ‘'Shall I do it this way or could it be done better in another way?! Or maybe I'll do nothing at all? Maybe everything will be resolved by itself?'' It happens that the problem is considerably small; however, there are thousands of thoughts associated with it. The choices we make, not only daily, but sometimes even every minute in our heads. And of course, how do we know which solution will be right. Intuition says one thing, cold reason, and common sense insists on something completely different. At such moments, we are even more confused in our thoughts. Sometimes it seems that this problem is unsolvable. But it is not so.

American psychologist and psychiatrist Eric Bern said: ‘'There are no insoluble problems, there are just unpleasant solutions''. For any complex problems, there are always simple solutions, and just at that moment, we do not see them. Our habit is to take everything negatively at once. To make the right choice, you first need to turn off emotions and connect all mental and analytical skills. It is essential to learn how to evaluate information in order of importance properly. Increased importance takes away a massive amount of energy from us. Thus, our expectations are not fulfilled.

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It is impossible to understand business without logic, but as far as human relations are concerned, it is better to trust your intuition. The longer we pull, not knowing how to make the right decision, the more negative emotions we experience, thereby losing the ability to correctly and quickly choose the right option. I propose to start by not relying only on myself. If the decision is difficult, you can discuss it with people close to you, and you may hear practical advice. After all, as the Russian proverb says ‘'One brain is good, but two is better". Trust only people who are close to you. After all, anyone can advise, but an abundance of advice, especially from people who are unfamiliar with your situation, will confuse you. Remember, no matter how many sensible advice you receive, you must make a decision yourself!

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Psychologists are sure: our subconscious knows all the answers. Do not make important decisions in the evening, as our brain can be overloaded with information during the day, and do not decipher proper signals that our subconscious sends us. Before bedtime, ask yourself a question that worries you, and it is likely that in the morning you will already know how to proceed. In such a case it is recommended to put a piece of paper and a pen on the bedside table. The solution to the problem may come to you even when you are in a half-asleep state, and you will need to write it down, in order not to forget.

The most important rule: Making a decision, think positively!
Books on Popular Psychology Related to Positive Thinking arouse great interest among readers. According to them, any of our desires materialize and come to life. Therefore, making a decision is better when we present a positive picture. It helps not only to make the right decision but also not to stray from the right path. When it is difficult for you, always remind yourself that if you give up now, it will not be better.

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Whenever you need to make a decision, first listen to the voice of the mind, and then the feelings of the soul. The soul always knows precisely what it wants. There is one simple and reliable algorithm for determining mental ‘' no '': If you have to convince yourself on pros and cons to say ‘'yes'', It is likely that your soul says ‘' no ''. When your soul says ‘' YES'', you don't need to persuade yourself at all, you just know.

The world is like a mirror; when you fight it, it challenges you more. If you allow yourself to have what you have in mind and heart, the Universe will find a way to give it to you. There are a million chances and at least three ways to make it happen. Always.

Written by Solomia Pancheniak

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