Are we leading to domestication or wisdom?

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Meaning of Wisdom?

Wisdom is the quality of being wise. It is an art of getting knowledge from various sources and then uses it wisely without being biased of a place, people or any other factors. A true wisdom checks both sides of the coin and then judge which one is more dominating currently. These two sides are good and evil.


To understand if a human possesses wisdom, we should discuss the concept of domestication.


When we talk about domestication, its direct meaning can also be taming something which means to have organized control. Are we taming our wisdom? Let's talk about a fundamental trait "dream" which every human being possesses.



Dreams of an Individual:

Most of us must have heard about daydreaming. It seems to be an idiom, but a human being actual see dreams in the day too. Dreaming and imagination are the two primary purposes of a human brain. We dream when we sleep or awake. When we are sleep we can not control our dream, and it gets changed often.
But when we are awake, we have a frame(the world that we are seeing) with us, and we dream about the things which are about to happen. Once those happen, we think about something else and then something else, but all within the same frame.

Dreams of Society:

When many human beings or in simple words, when a society, a city, a country sees the dream. We can call it as a dream of the community. The dream of a country is the dream of millions of people.

How Dreams are Tamed?

We all human beings are born with the capacity to think and to how to dream. Even a newborn child also dreams.
But, Society has already defined a set of dreams for us including what we want to achieve as a society, what is good & evil, etc. We as parents, teachers hook up a child with these outside dreams(society dreams).

We as a human dream and think about a lot of things at a given point in time, but using our attention, we hold only those that we want to perceive. This constant attention makes a child focus only on what we want them to perceive, and we try taming their dreams.

How Beliefs of a Child are Tamed?

A newborn child is not aware of any of the language, what religion he needs to follow. As a child, we have the opportunity to choose our language, beliefs. But, the continuous intervention of the society makes a child to confine their opinions within a belief system control.
Children are domesticated as cats, dogs or like other pet animals. This system runs on reward and punishment. If a child works or thinks according to a parent's desire, then that child is good and gets rewards else the child is terrible and gets punished.



This belief system is similar to the "Book of Law." Whenever someone goes against the laws specified in the book, that person gets punishment, and the same applies to an individual and the belief system as well. If one does not follow the belief system of the family, society or country, one gets punished from childhood.

This belief system is inculcated in deep in their roots itself. Even if a person does not agree with many of the beliefs, his/her inner consciousness punishes them for not following that belief. These ideas also lead to self-rejection and give oneself room to be self-abused or to be abused by others.

In early age, parents, teachers tame us and mold us as per their belief, and once these beliefs are inculcated, we become self-domesticated. We start rewarding ourselves on following these and punish when we don't.

Is This the Wisdom?

Our belief system constrains us to think within the boundary of the beliefs set by society or a group. Even if we get knowledge about the things outside those ideas, still, we feel guilty applying those if it is what the community has taught us. Our experience increases, but, it does not drive us towards the wisdom as our thoughts are biased to the belief system in place.

It is like "We were born to pursue wisdom, but we grow tamed."

Many people around us are jumping the walls of these beliefs and making their own, changing those ideas whenever and wherever required, but, most of the world is still domesticated and tamed.

We need a world where a child needs guidance instead of taming. Only then, one will have the ability to be more creative, and one will not be ashamed of himself/herself if he does something outside the social belief. One will become non-judgmental and will stick to facts only.

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Awesome :)


Thanks @himshweta

That's a great post bud love your'e content on here it is very genuine .


Thanks a ton @jsonkidd for such an appreciation :)

i remember the quote:(your children are not yours,they came trough you ,but not from you!you have your toughts and they have their own)Jibran khalil jibran.or (you think in secret and it comes to pass,environement is but your looking glass)james emerson.