Ohio St is overrated as heck

in #wisconsin2 years ago

Anyone think LSU would be down 21-7 at the half to Wisconsin? Hell no lol. As a matter of fact the whole BIG 10 is overrated. Georgia, Bama and Auburn (2nd-4th best in the SEC) would all beat Wisconsin, Minny and Penn st (2nd-4th best in BIG 10.

Clemson on the other hand is legit tho. They have the team speed to beat the best in the SEC like we've seen multiple times in past years vs Bama.

The SEC is just a different animal. Ohio St. beat up on weak BIG 10 teams and a weak non conference schedule and has all the voters fooled. reminds me of the 2013 national championship game between Notre Dame and Bama. ND was ranked #1 but they were 10 point underdogs and got rolled 42-14.


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