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Been on the crypto wave since 2012.

Won some, won some more, never lost as yet!.

Before I arrived here (steemit) I bought a load of different cryptos, all did well, before BTC collapsed due to the USA allowing bets against it without owning "IT".

I still have a nano ledger with different ones on it, and detest having to go from one exchange to the next, losing money all the way. (All purchased over 4 years ago)

Put it this way, if I take steem out of here, like I did when I had just shy of 5000, I had to send it to Bittrex, then sell it for bitcoin. That lost me around £3.20, then send it to coinbase to sell it for Euros, the send to coinbase costs £1.50, so that is £4.70 lost. Then coinbase takes fees in exchanges, then takes fees for sending it to your/my bank. If you are dealing with £100 worth of cryptos and 2 exchanges take 20% of it in fees, it is self defeating! ENTER THE WIREX CARD mworahahahaha.

There is not a chance in this world, the cryptos on my Nano s ledger, or on my old laptop, are going to ANY exchange!.

So I am going to try spending them with the wirex card, and it should keep me going for a few years, as I bought them before the BTC pump and dump.

I am in Eastern Europe so before telling me there are easier ways, trust me, I have tried them all.

If you fancy checking out how to cash out cryptos via wirex and get a free debit card, check here, and I am not affiliated with them, I get nothing for you going there, and I earn nothing from the link, not my style!.

There are fees involved, but think of it this way, you pay small fees to them, or big fees to greedy bankers, who charge you just to keep your money in their banks, no brainer really, and you get to spend your crypto on essential items, out of sight of the greedy taxing classes eyes. WIN WIN WIN.

Check out the fee section before signing up, it is your own due diligence.

Take back control, empower your crypto, and lets go spending friends. :-)

Have a superb week ahead, we are.

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Cheers mate I will check it out 👍

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Well worth it bro, here anyway, not sure about your side of the world, let me know bro. here in the united snakes.
I have one.

Never heard of that, will take a look, but happy with this one, if yours beats it, well we know how that goes, cheers bro.

I will try and remember to let you know if it will work here.

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No card available for Australia yet from what I can understand.

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Sounds about right. Didn't our big 4 banks ban crypto transactions? Wouldn't want to make using crypto easy, now, would they?

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