Your Wirex account and new VISA debit card! — looks like wirex will be first with new card.

in #wirex4 years ago (edited)

Just got the word this morning, thirty minutes ago via email.

We are delighted to announce our new Wirex Currency Accounts and virtual VISA debit cards are now available. UK is the first country to be approved for access, so you can get started right away!

You might have heard the news about the new e-money license the other week and also it seems that wires has achieved PCI DSS certification - making wirex the most secure platform in the cryptocurrency industry today.

Even thou we have blood in the streets with this correction (new normal?) it seems we are seeing a heck of a lot of people doing their upmost to keep things going - what with segwit from coinbase, lighting activated on the bitcoin main net and now this, will we start to see the coins going back up the other way if the fees are down and people feel confident again?

Features of the new VISA debit card. .

✓ Wirex Currency Account with account number and sort-code
✓ 7,500 GBP maximum currency account balance
✓ Buy bitcoin instantly using your entire currency account balance
(as much as £7,500 at a time!)
✓ Virtual VISA debit cards in GBP, USD and EUR
✓ Free plastic card (available in about 4 weeks)


For future viewers: price of bitcoin at the moment of posting is 7685.00USD

Added to my follow list. Keep up the good work and what do you think of the current market?

Thank you information

I had this email earlier too! I was wondering if it was a scam lol so glad it has been checked out and varified! thank you! :)

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