A fun article about SteemIt and Steem on Wired.

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Good news here is a fun article on Wired regarding SteemIt, and I love the art.  Let's spread it around!


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I love the art too. But am not getting a lot of that steemit money yet duo.😀😀

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Yah. Thank you.

Am following you now.

Great article - I'm going to start showing that to my friends who keep squawking "ponzi scheme"

I totally understand the feeling.

The author has been on Steemit for a while, so we can thank him with our votes. He's @andrewmcmillen

Yeah, I just saw that! Looks like his article is doing well.

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SteamIt featured in Wired Magazine? Outstanding!.

Thanks for this update on the latest SteemIt scuttlebutt. Keeping the troops informed, now that is what I call stellar leadership!

Have a great weekend! Be chatting with you (After I have a cup of Joe). Salute!

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You are right, the article is interesting and therefore I upvote and resteem :)

wow that's really cool article steemit going mainstream :D

Cheers, more advertising for Steemit :) That gif looks pretty neat indeed!

Great to see Steemit being mentioned on other sites ^^

Exciting stuff. We will wake up one days with Millions of new users. I hope we are ready for it.

Only time will tell but I do look forward to that day Bitcoin is still less than 10 years old adopting steemit now is as great a time as any for the future the best time was 2 years ago next best time is today :)

Respect that artwork! We know what's going on "TRENDING"! So, the person who made it! I wish to send him 10 SBD :D


According to Scott, Steemit boasts an “incredibly small” number of trolls, which he argues is because of the cash incentive. (It could also be due to the relatively small community, which includes around 350,000 registered accounts as of September.)

/looks around for trolls. :)

Hi @whatsup,
An exceptional gift used to tell a lot of stories about trending news...!!!

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Wow!!! Love this part

Yet while moguls like Mark Zuckerberg got rich, the content creators who fueled networks like Facebook got nothing. Steemit’s creators outlined their intention to challenge that power imbalance by putting a value on contributions: “Steem is the first cryptocurrency that attempts to accurately and transparently reward…[the] individuals who make subjective contributions to its community.”

Thanks for sharing it here @whatsup :)

Edit: re-steemed!

That is a great line. I also love it.

Btw, the authors link on Steemit :)

Yeah, I saw that.. After I made this post. I am glad.

love the article man thanks for sharing :)

Yes, I'm interested, Thank you funny article.

i think hilarski posted about that hehe 😍 btw thats reallly great news 😍

amigo #resteemia at your service

nice gif & excellent you give us o think ;) @whatsup

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Great post and I wish steemit had a sticky or pin option because this is one of those special posts. ??

@whatsup - A beautiful lady can make thousands of SBD by one post Ma'm :) That's the human nature :(

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this is something new to me i need to check it out :)

yes, I am listening to it, I will try or expand my knowledge about art .... amazing ... thank you

Wonderful and useful post by @whatsup
Wel done and perfect work....

Would be interesting to see a media play hook up for SMT when it's ready to go. WIRED would be a great use caese.


yeah that is just great to read :)

Love the Article and i am also trying and promoting steemit. I have already introduced and planted 10 trees on Steemit. I hope for the best !
Keep Smiling & motivating @whatsup !

That is a huge account value of Ned.

wow ! fantastic art and loving it.
thanks for sharing..

Love the art and presentation here. I wish best of luck for the artist.