MyEverDragon Competition - Entry

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Hi Steemit Community…
Today I am participating on the My Ever Dragon Competition Hosted by @Creative Crypto

This is my design: Aztec Dragon…

Its wings are big and a mix flakes and feathers. Its body is colorfully that’s what makes him different of the rest of the species. Its scheme of colors are similar to the South American birds (macaw).

DRAGON AI_Mesa de trabajo 1.jpg

Resignations: 14 meters long and 3 meters high.
Number of legs: 2
Number of wings: 2
Head: Feather fringe
Food: Large crawling animals
Call: Loud, parrot-like squawk
Attack: Flares, tails and strangulation
Inhabitants: Mountainous and jungle regions

I made the draw by hand, and then colored it on Adobe Ai 2018.







Hope you like it...

Inspired on the book Dragonology by Dr. Ernest Drake.

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