Can Winter Be Done Yet?

in winter •  9 months ago

Just when I thought Winter should be over, I wake up to snow falling.   The snow is landing on the mess of a yard which is old snow and ice mixed with pine needles and some chicken poop.

I really don't have any reason to complain, it is just weather...

Except, I have Spring things I want to do outside.  

I've got the "End of Winter Blues".


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Amazing how similar the view is when I look out the window.

Luckily we have global warming, or it would have been colder.

Our yard has about a foot or so. Lumpy drifts everywhere.

Maybe I need to move to the North Pole. At least there’s a heat wave there.

I've been feeling like this lately too but today is nice and sunny. The temperature has risen a bit as well so I think at least in these parts winter is finally leaving. At least I hope so.

Im right there with ya. Was almost 80 here a few days ago. got about 7 inches today... Ugh... :(



stay Strong for a few more days, it’ll all be spring soon!

Yah,,, you got it as well. That is the power of natural weather what going on wishes by God.
Here you have nothing to do. Cause that is god gifted.
Don't brother,, God can solve this problem as soon.
By the way, I've never seen snow weather as directly cause my country are snow free.
So if you what to snow free please come here!!#

There's something I love about nature,weather and season. No matter how we love it or hate it,it will come and go. We just have to find means of appreciating and adapt to any season. Do take care @whatsup.
Guess you are enjoying the winter

Yeah.... Sometime.... Weather is unpredictable

excellent your post Thanks for sharing i will done up vote

excellent your post Thanks for sharing

The same here, i was wearing a t-shirt when it starts raining 😂

I sure hope so.

Nice post

Hang in'll be over soon. Here in FL we're thankful that another 'cold' front is coming this weekend. It's just too hot for this early in the year. It's all relative to wherever you are. Happy spring things when the time arrives lol

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love winter and i will not et it go that easily

i really love winter season, but unfortunately i never had that feeling bro.. because I'm Sri Lankan.. I wish you will enjoy the next winter..

Aww it's been snowing in California too near Sacramento. Lol. That's not where I am but I'm. Close enough to feel the cold. I need an east coast coat! Lol. Joy

thanks as much as possible friend