Valentine's day in winter?

in #winter6 years ago

Have you ever wondered why the holiday of lovers falls on the period when it is (usually) cold dark and gloomy? It would not be better to celebrate them in the spring or in the summer, for example, a romantic walk on this occasion would not involve snow drifts?

Besides, in Poland this saint is extremely young, and Saint. Walenty is the patron of people with "head". In a sense, it fits the stereotypical image of a man in love with a killer, but ... I think St. Fiakier, who is the patron of ... venereal diseases. At least on the occasion of "fliers" you could run social campaigns about these diseases - and as you know, when it comes to sex education, Poland is a prostitute. Besides, Saint. Fiakiera is mentioned (or mentioned) on August 30. Then it's warm, nice and pleasant. You can even splurge on the clearing ...;)


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