Biggest snow storm of the season

in winter •  last year

Yesterday it snowed and continued into today. The snow started out as flurries and then big flakes started coming down. I took pictures of the trees from my window this morning. The snow looks so beautiful on the branches!




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The best post on Steemit🔥🔥🔥 I gave you my vote🤗 have a nice day🍓


Thank you! That is very kind of you! Have a beautiful day!

Everything turns white

Beautiful atmospheric photos of a snowy winter wonderland. 😀


Thank you! It looks really beautiful and does remind me of a winter wonderland!

Your pictures are beautiful Laurie!!! We're getting a lot of snow here to five inches so far! Stay warm my friend😍


Thanks, Ceci! This was the most snow we had so far this year! It sure looks beautiful but not the clean up:)

gosh i would just go out with my snowboard


It is a good day to go snowboarding or sledding! There is plenty of snow!