A very snowy and windy day

in #winter6 years ago

Yesterday in the morning I looked out the window and saw snow flurries. The high winds were blowing the snow around. Gradually the snow increased until there were several inches on the ground. As the day went on, the temperatures plummeted to well below zero degrees. I decided towards evening to start shoveling the driveway. As I was shoveling the weather conditions made it difficult to do so. I went inside to have dinner and relax afterwards. Today I completed the second half of the driveway while the temperatures were even colder. It's time to warm up with a nice big hot cup of tea! While the snow looks beautiful I wish I was somewhere warm on the beach!




Even though the roads were not plowed, it did not slow traffic down.



Wow you got alot of snow! The pictures are beautiful I'm glad your back inside safe and warm, have a beautiful night❤️

There was plenty of snow that is for sure! I can't wait for the bitter cold to be over in a few days!

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