Amazing Natural Beauty of Winter Season in Bangladesh Villages

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Winter is ongoing season in Bangladesh. As Bangladesh has various types of land that’s why cold is not felt same every where. Cold is not felt so much in plain land areas but it is felt very seriously in hill tract areas as well as at north Bengal because north Bengal is close to can enjoy the amazing beauty.

Bangladesh is a country of different religions and different cultured people. Different area’s people have their own traditions. Basically winter is a season that Bangladeshi people celebrate their special festivals.
Bangladeshi villages has some speciality based on different seasons. Particularly in winter time. I wanted to see the beauty of a village in winter. Wanted to explore how it looks like and how people celebrate this season. Generally, villages are always quite different than urban life but particularly in winter you can see something really special that you won't get in your city or cosmopolitan area. However, it was 3 days trip over there. Have seen sunrise view, tried to woke up in the early and had wonderful walk through the foggy morning, enjoyed morning dew over the green grasses, spent beautiful time sitting beside the misty river & ponds. Not only that, meeting people and spending time with them was also interesting. Most importantly, eat different kinds of seasonal and traditional winter foods what we call "pitha", that was awesome. And additional thing was their affection and hospitality. The way they behave, its not possible to think these people are not known to you, If you are a stranger even.
you enjoy here.
Nobanno is the main winter festival in Bangladesh. Farmers reap their harvest in late autumn and complete all the processing. In winter they make pies (pitha) with new rice and this is called “Nobanno”. In this season married daughters are invited at their parent’s home for celebration.
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There are some people that are called “gachi”. They climb up date trees and peel off date tree’s bark. Then they insert a bamboo pipe and tie a pitcher at the end of the pipe. Delicious date tree’s juice is collected in pitcher on the next morning and that fresh juice is drunk. Some times this juice is used to cook a sweet dish “kheer”.

City people go their villages to spend a relaxed time. Some of them go abroad to have special holidays. Village people arrange “jatra pala” or “circus party” for their entertainments. “Waj mehfils” also are held randomly in various places. These programs continue overnight and people gather till late nights.
Fields are covered with bright yellow mastered flowers in winter. Various types of vegetables are produced in this winter. Natural reservoir’s water level declines at the lowest stage and village people keep themselves busy with fishing. Schools, colleges, universities and different offices arrange picnic tours.

Winter is not a lengthy season in our country but it brings a lot of happiness and colors in Bangladeshi people’s life.
Wish you all a very happy winter celebration.
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This is winter morning in Bangladesh.i hope you enjoy this natural dont forget to upvote comment on this post.
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Nice ..
I loved the simplicity of this life ..
Thanks for sharing your experience with us‏.

it's bangladeshi winter culture


a good read

Winter season is so beautiful, the fresh air, the rains, the cold . I love winter and seriously winter in Kashmir is so awesome with the snow covered valley. It's just amazing.

I think so!

Muy bonitas imagenes :D

good post friend

Such a wonderful post....
Hope u post more such intersting post.....
Its has been glad to know about such a lovely place


Wow ..There are six session in bangladesh winter session is the best ..This this morning wonderful ..Bangladeshi natural scenario awesome .

are you bangladeshi?

Bangladesh, a land of exhilarating mix with fascinating history, vibrant cultures, panoramic beauties, historical ruins, flora and fauna, hills and forests, sandy sea beaches and wildlife


I insist u on writing and visiting my motherland... #kashmir. I assure u wont want to leave that place... #paradiseonearth #landofconflicts tho

Bangladesh is an incredible place to plan a vacation with its loving natural beauty, excellent accommodation options, delicious food, picturesque places and versatile culture and cordial welcoming.
St. Martin’s (Saint-Martin) Island is one of the most spectacular places in the Beautiful Bangladesh.


Bangladesh is not a rich country , but had a big heart and endless beauty.


@shahaan you should visit Bangladesh too

Although I have had the pleasure of meeting several incredible individuals from Bangladesh, I don't believe I have ever seen pictures of the winter season there. Thank you for sharing such beauty!

Nice story

thanks @dedycado

You are welcome

Natural Beauty of Winter Season in Bangladesh Villages is really mind blowing, A huge love to you brother for your Publications about Wonderful BANGLADESH. @cryptomaker
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thanks @angryboy

I like Bangladeshi culture. Its so pure and beautiful.

It's something special about Bangladash, i have been there once in my lifetime and my spirit is not the same since then.

nteresting post..lovely view of banglades .. continue ..

Your post is very wise and very good. Your post becomes a new knowledge and insight about the traditions of Bangladesh.

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This is a Great article and i love the pictures.

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Looks like a wonderful exotic place. Would love to see some local festival pictures.

Wonderful. Things really touch me. Thanks.

thank you for this interesting post. we don't have winter season here in the philippines, just wondering, does the winter feels in bangladesh is the same as winter feels in the west like america? thank you for your response sir :)

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Nature is wonderful

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This is Portugal summer :)DSC_0016 — kopia.JPG

interesting post to know the different culture of the world.

Les comparto un hermoso atardecer de la Isla de Margarita en mi país Venezuela

Nice story to read and lovely pictures.

Grandiose things are done by grandiose means. One nature makes a great gift.

Bangladesh is small country but very interesting!

"Nature does not have organs of speech, but it creates languages and hearts, through which it speaks and feels"

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