What Does the Winner Know That Others Do Not Know?

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We are living in a day where people win more than they lose and we often talk about it as if it were some type of lottery win. It's true that the winner is often able to take home something very large, but it isn't the winner's fault and no matter what the rules are, the loser has to suffer.

Who does this happen to? Sometimes, people who feel they are in a position to change things for the better think about the people around them who are helping them. Often this person will come to realize that there are people who care and are willing to make changes in the way things are done in an effort to make the world a better place.

I think we can all remember situations where someone was in a position to help. Sometimes this person would ask for a raise or a promotion. They may have told a co-worker about an upcoming project and the co-worker offered to help. We all have those people in our lives who we can thank.

How does the winner know what others do not know? There are people who do not do their research on things that affect them. The ones who do, are often people who work in a position where they can see how certain changes may help them.

Sometimes this knowledge comes with the person, but sometimes it comes with the person's job description. For example, someone who works in an environment where they are often exposed to dangerous chemicals may not have a lot of time to find out about their safety concerns.

How can a person who cares for the environment know something that people who work in an office setting may not be aware of? When the latter is found to be true, the person who cares and takes the extra time to learn about the issues may be doing something more important than the person who is working for a boss and just wants to get by.
Now that you understand what the winner knows that others don't, you need to find out what the winner doesn't. If you can discover what that the goal is for you, then you can get yourself into a position to use your strategy effectively. It will be easier to achieve your goal because you won't have as many distractions. You won't have to waste your time.
To accomplish success, you must work hard and find things to focus on. The reason why most people fail at life is that they give too much attention to the outside world and not enough time to focus on themselves. The key to success is to find the time to take care of yourself.


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