Winner Announcement - SteemMonsters Cards Giveaway #70 - 👊 No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow

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Who wants to win SteemMonsters Cards for FREE

Follow the last giveaway here:

SM Giveaway #70

SM Giveaway #71

SM Giveaway #72

SM Giveaway #73

SM Giveaway #74

SM Giveaway #75

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SM Giveaway #77

How to JOIN the Giveaways:

  • Comment whatever you want about the STEEMMONSTERS
  • No Upvote / No Resteem required (but appreciated)
  • No Follow required (but appreciated and it's going to be easier to participate of the next Giveaway)
  • The card will be sent in the post payout

It's so easy to participate.


You won the card.

Card sent to you.

Thank you ALL for your participation !

I hope to see ALL of you in the next giveaway.

Good luck in your next GIVEAWAY!

Start to play SteemMonster

It's an amazing game and I'm sure you will like it.

If you are not playing STEEMMONSTERS yet, sing in using this link

I hope to see you soon in the next GIVEAWAY!!!

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