Why winners always win and losers always loose

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Luck favors the brave.

In any win or lose condition, there are only 2 possibilities.

  • Win
  • Loose

Think it as a coin. Every time when ever you throw your coin to the air, you always have to let luck works for you. If you are lucky enough, your coin will flipped as win. So, there is nothing much to discuss. isn't it ? Winners win because, they are lucky than the loosers. The End.

Yes, it's the end. What I told was correct. Do you know why ???

Because, all the loosers didn't know this information that you are about to read. Sadly, They are unlucky. But, Now, you also fall into the Winners category. You are about to win. But How ?

There is only one thing I wanted to share with you all steemians. Some people "play to win" while others "play not to lose". Winners know this fact. Winners don't hate failure. But they always keep their head towards winning. Every time they fail to the ground; they stand up more stronger and with more opportunities.

What ever you do cannot be reversed. Same as a post on steemit. Once you have published, then there is nothing you can do about it. Life is the same, It doesn't give 2nd chances for anyone.

Therefor, whenever you win or fail, find for the reasons. Learn, why you won. Learn why failed. Mainly, learn about what you have to do.

Let say, you want to become the best Steemian. What you should do ?

Upload many posts as much as you can..

Noooooooo. Hell Noooooo..

You should focus on what standards. Quality. Content. And Strategy.

You should notice what are your skills. May be photography, voices, writing, etc... Work with your best skill you got. As I have been more into academics and won several competitions. I personally know, my words have more weight than a regular post. To keep it simple and informative, I had to develop my own style of writing. I found out, many people from other social medias, such as fb, twitter, youtube started appreciate my work. That's my knowledge. And that's why I am lucky. I was lucky enough to know my skills.

Let say, you are not a good writer. Don't write. You may be at good photos. Or videos. Upload them.

And lets just imagine the worst case. There is a guy who knows nothing. So, can't he win anything ? No. He can. He just need to find smarter people than him. And get work out of them. And, he should be able manage them perfectly. And, he need to learn how to do it.

Everything has been involved with learning, planning and executing with courage.

Why courage? Although, you personally know you got enough skills and if you are still afraid to execute your plans due to some reasons. For example, if you are a good film director and you are scared your film will become a flop and therefor if you are not going for a production. Such a loser.

Don't be that looser. Take risks with a plan and execute to win. If you are doing a good thing, you will never fail.

Good luck !!!

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Great concepts!
I play many games that are centered around luck.
I think your point on learning constantly from failures instead of avoiding failure is one of the biggest qualities of a winner.
It’s also a constant battle to keep learning from failures a process that never ends.
A question I have is what are the biggest factors that contribute to a winner’s “losing streaks?”


The biggest factor is speed.


This page would be useful. Just check it for today. I am writing about the factors affecting the streaks.