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Figure 1 - The Bourne Legacy

The other night I watched The Bourne Legacy. Apart from being a cool movie, there was something else that caught my eye.

The Green and Blue Pill

During the movie Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) needs to take a daily Blue and Green Pill. We discover later in the movie that the pills are designed to genetically enhance: -

  1. Bodily strength, speed and recovery
  2. Mental Intelligence

I also attend a number of hacker conferences, and over the last couple of years I have become more exposed to Body Hacking, where people try and enhance themselves with different drugs or technology. So the movie isn't that far off from reality with what we can expect to see in the future.

The Natural Way

But one thing you may not know, is that the ancients have been Body Hacking for millennia!

For example, the ancient Taoists are known to have a number of concoctions for Immortality, although I believe that a lot of people most likely died of poisoning due to charlatans or misunderstanding the texts - since they are mostly encoded.

But more to my teachings, Qi Gong is a type of Body Hacking that is designed to do exactly what the Blue and Green pill did in the movie. That is:

  1. Improve bodily strength, speed, flexibility and recovery
  2. Improve mental Intelligence

From my own experience, I can attest to the following results...

I improved on my strength, speed, coordination and flexibility from my training. But one unfortunate aspect of my training, is I did suffer from injury and later chronic pain from over training. It wasn't Qi Gong that helped me manage this pain, but a type of Pak Sha. So people who write about miracle cures with Qi Gong are most likely marketing something they may not have experienced directly, but it is documented of the benefits of certain healing with Qi Gong - what I am simply saying is don't believe that it is a cure all.

I improved my mental capacity on how I can process information and also how I see the world. In Chinese this is referred to as Ling or Higher Intelligence. I believe it has to do with awakening endocrine functions in the brain that may have become dormant. Anyways, the higher intelligence isn't always a blessing, since not only do you understand more about this world, you also begin to see how corrupt a place it can be, and that the Buddha was on the money when he referred to it as a World born in Suffering.

Which brings me to another point. This Higher Intelligence also makes you a more balanced human being emotionally. But the way you become more balanced and detached, is that you tend to experience trials and tribulations. After all, you cannot become a body builder without lifting heavy weights.

Truly a Treasure

So my point is, Qi Gong is truly a hidden treasure in the modern world. But you cannot just take a pill to get these benefits. It does takes daily practice - but in the end, the benefits are truly amazing to living a balanced, happy and healthy life.

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Sifu Jordan
(Don't Worry, Relax, Be Happy, Concentrate and Do Your Best)

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