Best Qualities for Grand Master Yip Man - Part 2

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GM Wooden Dummy 003 WM.jpg
Grand Master Yip Man on the Wooden Dummy

I really like this photo of the Grand Master. You can see him smiling, happy and really enjoying his Wing Chun.

But enough on that, let's get back to how you can become one of the greatest!
Part 1 can be found here

7. The Sifu must be willing to teach

It is difficult to learn if you don't have a teacher. And if the teacher doesn't wish to teach, then you're out of luck!

8. You need the money

If you don't have money for lessons, then again, no lesson. And from what Sifu Greg had taught me, he claims to have paid the Grand Master a large sum of money. Was this the reason why he was given additional teachings that I do not find in other schools or did Sifu Greg find these on his travels and add them in? I'll leave that with you to argue about, but all I know is, Wing Chun does have Qi Gong from the Buddhist School of Emei Mountain.

9. It must be the right time and location

This goes back to my previous post on karma. You need to be in the right place at the right time. In my case, Greg was up in Brisbane, whilst I was located in Sydney. But I wanted to learn so bad, I use to fly up to Brisbane every weekend and train for 8 hours.

10. The master must like you

Be honest. If you don't like someone, do you go out of your way to help them out? The Sifu is only human too, so make sure you stay on their good side.


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Sifu Jordan
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