Birthday dinner in LA!

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I literally have the best husband in the world! This years birthday wasn't a big one, nothing crazy like when you turn the big 3-0, just a regular birthday. If you saw my last post then you know we just moved to Vancouver last week, and we hadn't even been in our new place 48 hours and my hubby was whisking me off to LA for a week ❤️❤️❤️

The last time I had been there I was 14 and it was for a school trip to Disneyland so I was definitely due for a visit! As much as I love wine we never had an opportunity to head up to Napa or Sonoma this time (that will be a trip all on it's own! 🍷). However, we definitely went to dine at some of the best known places in Los Angeles.

On my actual birthday we went to a place that I had been dying to try for a long time - The Ivy. This restaurant has two locations and we chose to go to the one in West Hollywood. It's known for its high-end American cuisine, country cottage decor, and the odd celebrity sighting (there were none there while we were dining, but it was only a Monday!)



Our entire time here was amazing. The food, the wine, the service, the decor - everything was perfect! I completely fell in love with the cottage look and would probably move in if they would let me :) I definitely understand why this is on a lot of people's to-do lists!


Softshell crab for dinner! 🦀🦀 I could've also eaten a pound of the creamed cauliflower that came with it 🤤


Celebrating 🍷


I even had to take a picture of the bathroom... 📷💋


If you are ever in LA, make sure to check this place out! Maybe you'll be luckier than me and see a celebrity dining out on the patio :)

Thanks for reading and following my travels! :):):)

Jen 🍷


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You guys are such a great looking couple!! I am glad you guys had a wonderful time in LA!!😊💛
You will love Napa and Sonoma!🍷
It is a suuuuper beautiful place with some much great wine!
@karensuestudio and I would love to drink wine with you two in Napa when you visit. It is very close to Sacramento😊
It would be so awesome to meet you guys in real life !

Happy Birthday! Happiness is all what matters. lovely photos and the food looks delicious :)

I like a smile that looks happy ^^

Wow, this is great!

@travelingsomm Happy Birthday! Such a fun celebration you had :)

Many many happy returns of the day of your husband. Be happy rest of life. U think you passed a great day with your husband.

daww! This is so cute! Happy Birthday Jen! You'll have to visit California again soon, and we can all go to Napa.

I heard you got to visit Santa Monica as well. Sounds like the best way to spend a birthday, with your loved one!