Back at it!

in wine •  5 months ago 

I've been pretty MIA for the past year due to our big move to Vancouver and being in school full-time, and to be honest, partly because Steem has been worth pennies lately. I'm still pretty swamped with studying and that will be consuming most of my life this summer but I'll be trying to get on here a little more often. I'll be picking up on doing my wine posts and documenting the journey to the WSET Diploma - not an easy task and pretty much putting me on the edge of a mental breakdown everyday!

This past weekend we went out to the Okanagan Valley to celebrate my sister's birthday and I was reminded of how much I freaking LOVE it there! Looking for any reason to buy a property there now...


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Welcome back :)

Yooo! What up Jen!
The Steem wine wine connoisseur is back!
Looking forward to seeing your adventures here again.

I just got back into posting on Steem again too! 😄🤙

Hey hey! Glad to have you back too! :)