Wine Tour in Kenya Pt.1

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Wine Tour in Kenya

I recently had the honor of being invited to Leleshwa winery in Naivasha. This is a first for me & as we were among the first to officially go for that tour, all I can say is that I have to go back soon.



We got there at around 11:30AM after a 2 hour ride from Nairobi and were welcomed with tea brewed in Morendat farm where Leleshwa winery is located


The Tour
After tea we went around the different sections of the farm where the grapes were at different stages of growth. Boy was it hot out there, shouldn't have worn black but I've learnt my lesson.






After getting sunburns in places I never thought were accessible to the sun we were surprised with a picnic (Yaaaaaay!!!)

Something to cool us down




That was the first part of the day, please upvote and or comment if you're interested in such articles

All pics by me

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I did not even know people make wine in Kenya. I am learning new things everyday.


Same here bro, found out 3 days before 😅, I'd always thought that it was bottling/packing that was done in Kenya.

I love this post. Very well written. And the pics are so beautiful.

Great photography! Do they allow one to pick grapes? I love grapes but wine... not so much. I've had this wine in the past though just because it is #Kenyan 😅. Looking forward to part 2 and other similar articles.


Unfortunately the we couldn't pick the grapes (It's bad for business). That wine was so strong, did not see the 11% alcohol content till it was too late.
Part 2 in the works, have a lot of pics to go through

It's so amazing how the world of wine is no longer limited to Europe. I will write a post about wine in my native country, Canada, very soon!


Exactly, I've always thought about Europe & South Africa when it comes to wine. I think Other places lack good marketing
Waiting to read about Canada

You take beautiful photos. Did you bring us any samples for the wine?


Hehehe, there are some bottles we got but I don't know how long they'll last

Very interesting and new! Thank you njoromuts!