Windows 10 shortcut keys using the Windows button

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See the full list of Windows 10 shortcut keys by using the Windows button:

Win: Show the Start menu
Win + I: Open the settings window
Win + X: Open the Administrator menu at the bottom left of the screen
Win + A: Open the Notifications Center
Win + Tab: Show all open windows
Win + Ctrl + D: Build a new virtual desktop
Win + Ctrl + F4: Close virtual desktop
Win + Ctrl + Left arrow button: Go from virtual desktop to virtual desktop on the left
Win + Ctrl + Right arrow button: Go from a virtual desktop to another virtual desktop on the right
Win + Q: Search with Cortana
Win + H: Open a window for sharing pictures or sending by email
Win + G: Open (Trash) Play bar or image from the screen
Win + K: Access to audio devices and wireless display tools
Win + Ctrl + F: Search for computers
Win + Pause: Displays the Properties System window
Win + D: Desktop View
Win + M: Shrink all open windows
Win + Shift + M: Rebuild the small windows
Win + E: Open the Explorer file
Win + L: Lock the computer or change user
Win + R: Open the Run window

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