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My technical knowledge is slim....but I know my brother loathes Windows 10!

I used windows seven when I started mining, but I ended up migrating everything over to linux. I need windows for a few things, but for the most part I try to do without. Nice not to have to worry about licensing and easily pulling a drive and throwing it in another system if need be.

I use nicehash. The best coins to mine change from day to day. Right now, you can make a lot dual mining ethereum and siacoin. This kind of switching is impossible under linux, you throw your lot in with one coin, or another, and there's no way to optimise it.

I have a big project to fund, and I must keep my income coming in. Steemit has stopped being my main way of not living on the streets again, and I had to get something going. So I chose mining. The best for mining is Nicehash.

At the time I started, ethereum mining was absurdly profitable. The profits have stabilised but I fortunately acquired enough gear to keep my rent paid, utilities hooked up and food in the fridge. It wasn't that much, and I still am not technically in profit, but now I have a job, and it's been a rough few days fixing the constant glitches with the miners, primarily caused by windows 10.

I used Nicehash and windows seven for exactly that when I first started out. Keep an eye out for new coin launches, they can be quite lucrative in the first few days. I hate windows 10 in general, windows 7 rocked and even 8 was decent. I wish you luck with mining, its a hard way to keep income flowing in.

Signatum has been huge! I am making a lot of clover mining it now.

It's gonna be a lot easier now I have win7 on them... I had a problem with claymore on the nvidia machine so I have disabled the claymore miners, and they aren't even more lucrative than lbry and zcash and such anyway... They are running nice and stable now:

Screenshot from 2017-08-15 10-50-35.png

Screenshot from 2017-08-15 10-51-19.png

and both are making over €3.45 a day now, fairly reliably.

Btw on those Windows images, how do you know they are not infected with malware? I did see a hash but I don't know if you can compare it through Microsoft itself?

I'd guess that if you are keen to find out you can confirm they are legit and untampered-with.

Well not a fan of Windows haha!

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