Are cheap windows and good windows the same windows?

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Today the window market needs really good offers. The period when plastic windows were in our area bought up recklessly by a prestigious curiosity has passed. And the technologies now are strikingly different from those that were 10-15 years ago. And demand has changed - people are looking for quality products. And, nevertheless, along with the growing demand for good windows, the number of unscrupulous manufacturers who allow themselves to assemble and mount structures with violations grows every day. As a result, the windows can hardly tolerate frosts, they hardly open and close, constantly jam. Both people and the product’s reputation suffer from this.

According to information received from the head of the department for the protection of consumer rights, the largest number of complaints about non-food products in recent years are connected specifically with PVC structures. “Perhaps this is because now people are massively changing windows. Cases of poor-quality assembly and installation have become more frequent as entrepreneurs take so many orders that they do not have time to fulfill them. ”According to the VIII International Congress“ Windows, Doors, Facade Systems, Architectural Glass ”, which took place at the Primus exhibition, you can also see that the window market has degraded significantly over the past few years. According to one of the manufacturers of PVC profiles, the quality of structures has deteriorated by an order of magnitude and does not withstand any criticism. They are worried that in the pursuit of profit, manufacturers of structures cheapen them to impossibility, thereby denigrating the trademarks of profiles, since windows in people are associated with the names of profiles.

Given the current circumstances, we can conclude that the market needs high-quality goods.

The European windows not only produces and sells PVC windows, but declares with full responsibility the principles of high-tech production. And the situation on the market is an additional signal in order to take a closer look at the production of translucent walling, to publish more often and louder your own, “correct” approach to work. So on April 1, the company launched a new production strategy, “Right Windows”. The correct window begins with a conversation with the client. For each customer, in each case, the manager selects the desired profile, double-glazed window, fittings, opening configuration, additional components.

The idea is that for each customer the correct window will be individual. The design may have an unexpected shape, color or configuration. Therefore, for each client in each particular case, his window will be CORRECT, as it is made taking into account all the nuances of his premises and wishes. The price of products will be objective and reasonable, including:
• The correct selection of the desired profile, glass, fittings, as well as additional components and accessories;
• Correct manufacturing of the structure on modern equipment using time-tested technologies.

Very cheap should alert the buyer. In the windows, both profile and accessories, and a huge number of nuances, which unscrupulous manufacturers save, are important. Which of you was not hung up in the store for meat or sausage? If it is “weighted" on self-tapping screws or a reinforcing profile - even worse, the structure itself suffers, and with it its owner. So it turns out that even the best materials can be ruined by improper execution, poor installation. Therefore, the manufacturer is also very important - the final result depends on it. Donpromservice-97 produces structures using good equipment, using the right technology. Moreover, the technical control department strictly checks the production process and does not let the marriage go outside the factory. And experienced installers of the company carry out measurements and installation using the right technologies and materials.

The director of the company said: “We are waiting for the new advertising strategy, Correct Windows, to receive a wide response from the consumer. We position ourselves as a serious manufacturer of quality windows with a wide range of goods and services. I want to say to my employees: Do not count on the fact that we will offer the customer cheap goods. We produce quality windows that have all the necessary explicit and hidden characteristics. A full-fledged design, with the right amount of screws, with the stated thickness of the glass, with the desired thickness of the reinforcing profile - cannot be cheap. Therefore, the task of our sales managers is not to sell to customers what is cheaper, but to offer a product with the characteristics they need. After all, the purchase of windows is done for many years, and according to our calculations - for many decades. "

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