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Trade is one of the oldest endeavors of human societies. In each period, the subject of trade was necessary, and various measures were taken for the protection and security of those engaged in business. HARS, caravanserais the security of trade routes was tried to be made regularly. It is also aimed to meet the needs of merchants in these structures.
As time goes on, as the level of development of societies increases, the structure and form of trade have changed, and it has developed continuously. In the beginning, commercial activities made for goods in exchange for goods today have become quite complicated. E-commerce, futures markets, such as the different rules of business activity, has emerged.
Winbix is designed as a trading system to create a new sales channel that enables the seller to sell his products at maximum efficiency and the buyer to buy the goods he needs at a reasonable price.

The operation of the system is simply as follows: Project goods that use deficit reduction as opposed to "deficit reduction" continue until one of the participants ends the auction. This stops buyers from bidding. Step offers determine the WINBIX system using an algorithm that takes into account the lower limit of the price to be set, the number of recipients to participate in the auction, and other factors. Because of this algorithm, it is not possible to know what stage of the sale will result. The system adopted Dutch auction rules in principle. The Winbix project, which can be summarized as a reverse auction, has the following features:

  • Random determination of minimum vendor price per lot is provided. This value is not known by the receiver.
    • The price discount range is determined randomly according to the previous price and the point at which this value stands and the amount of each subsequent price is not known by the buyer.
    • As soon as the inventory status is announced to the buyer, each price may be the last.
    • The buyer can adjust any price value that the system should report to the buyer, and the seller can access this information. Thus, it is possible to predict the level of price formation.
    • All items related to the price discount range are set by the seller. Some opportunities are created for the purchase of the product at the desired price. The correlation between the cost of sales and the increase in the quality of the services provided, the products sold, is taken into account.In the event of any dispute, an independent arbitration system shall be established. The consumer or purchaser may request a separate assessment of the quality of the services provided or of the works of the seller.

Winbix mainly focuses on offering services for the sale of products through auctions. As an e-commerce platform, will serve as. The primary income source of the company will be the commission income from the sale of the products to be auctioned on the e-commerce platform.
The Winbix team uses pre - DACIO/DACIO, a method of fundraising recommended by Vitali Buterin. Pre DACIO makes up 75% of the markers sold at the end of the end. Softcap and hardcore targets are tried to be achieved.
WINBIX is an ERC20-based platform. WCX, which is the token of the platform, will be used in the operation of the platform. Tokens purchased from pre -DAICO and KYC are reserved with smart contracts as WBX tokens.Unlike traditional shops, the project tries to show the decline in prices with advertisements. Thus, it aims to attract the attention of the consumer. Currently, the project will be active in the future in China, the EU, and the US regions.

Token Information

Token Name : WBX
Platform Token : Ethereum
Token Type : ERC20
Price ICO : 0.0526 USD
Tokens Sale : 25,000,000
Accepting Payment : ETH
Soft cap : 6,250,000
Hard cap : 25,000,000

Road Map

December 2016-Idea concept
January-December 2017: Development of algorithms for auction
January-September 2018: Team building, budget planning
July 2017-to date: Development and testing of the website, trading platform, payment systems and other components of the project WINBIX
July-December 2019: Trading platform refinement, find vendor
April-June 2019: Predico
June 2018-March 2019: Preparation for PreDAICO
September 2017-Search for today's marketing research and suppliers
October 2019: Sunday launch in Russia
October 2020: Market launch in Southeast Asia
October 2021: Start work in the USA and the EU


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Great idea with best team, i wish be succesful in the future.

WINBIX is a decentralized platform that provides a unique interaction between vendors and buyers and provides a unique interaction.

It is interesting to see an auction project through the blockchain technology and its token.

WINBIX's operating principle is based on a well-known "Dutch Auction" system; During the auction, the user can purchase a specific product at a very attractive price. It's a project I've seen for the first time. I think it should be followed.

This project is using daico ecosystem which protect customers and investors from huge Dallas. Their sale process will be so good

I think e-commerce sector needs to be a new wave to increase the sale statistics. So many sellers are researching new and different options. And I think Winbix, offers very good opportunities for them.

The project will bring together buyers and sellers for sale through auction

The main purpose of the winbix project is to create a new sales channel that allows the seller to sell goods at the price of demand and buy the buyer at the desired price.

WINBIX offers big leadership between sellers and buyers which makes it more easy to exchange.

Fast, secure and innovational system. I think Winbix will rise from day by day.