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As per the #wimhof #challenge started by #piotr( @crypto.piotr ), I would like to share my experience of the breathing technique.

Yesterday, I tried the Wim Hof breathing technique.

I followed the guided meditation, link below:

First Round:

At first, I was a little confused as to how I have to breathe, through the nose or mouth?

First few breaths I did it normally through the nose but soon I realised the sound in the video, it looked more like inhaling through the mouth. Thereafter I did the breathing through the mouth only.

As I went deep into the breathing process, I did felt a tingling feeling, mostly in the tips of the fingers.

At the end of the first round, I was able to hold my breath for 1 minute but the last few seconds were difficult.

Second Round

The tingling sensation continued, I was enjoying the breathing exercise.
But at the end of the second round, I could barely manage to hold the breath for 1 minute, in the video, I was asked to hold my breath for 1.30 minutes.
I thought I was not doing it correctly. Still, I continued.

Third Round

The tingling sensation got intensified, the body was feeling relaxed.
Again, at the end of the third round, we have to hold the breath for 1.30 minute, to my surprise, I could hold it for 2minutes (paused the video and continued holding it).
I was very happy to hold it for 2 minutes.

After the breathing exercise, I could feel that some weight has been lifted from my head, it felt light.
I felt fresh overall. This was the first time I did this exercise.

I did this exercise in the evening, before the meal.

And then I did a little research about this method, it has been scientifically verified too.

Do listen to his Ted Talk:

From today onwards I would be doing it on regular basis and will share my experiences in the upcoming posts( after a week or so)

If you decide to do this breathing exercise, do share the experiences. Do tag #wimhof & #piotr in the post.



hi @prashantkf

I must admit that I'm very curious to learn how did you find out about this particular challenge?

a mi también me gustaría saber.

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