Improve Your Will Power

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They tell you to never quit, but no one actually explains how to. Your success is made possible by your will power, do you stay back or fight, your will power is your foundation, so train it in the right way.


When you set a goal, you should always check your willingness to do it, if you quit some time after setting it don't even bother. Find the adequate motivation needed to strengthen your will, having an iron will will lead to your victory. Will and motivation go hand in hand and will power can't become stronger without motivation. Firstly you need to motivate yourself thus boosting your will power to new heights, once you find your allies motivate each other, so that you can achieve greatness.


If you find something that doesn't work for you, but have a large ambition about, don't give up on it, take baby steps and be patient, your will power will become stronger. Finally, never make excuses to stop you from doing something, because you can lie to other but not to yourself.


I'm trying out a new format of self improvement posts, you should be able to read them in 1-2 mins, they are short, but set a powerful example and a good message.

Have A Great Day @Steemitwarrior

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