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People that are not afraid to take risk in life are the successful one, while the coward killing themselves with the fear of the unknown

Really smart quote david, it's totally true in my opinion

Hahahahahahaha. You are very correct @davidp. Cowards are scared people and so they always chicken out and so have nothing to offer.

well said, thanks for sharing.

Very wise thank you so much for sharing

It is better to be a coward for a minute than to be dead - davos's father

It is true that a coward does die a million deaths. They may not die physically but they do on the inside. Every time someone runs away from something a little bit of them dies each time. A battle is lost when he turns away from a challenge and everything that they stand for as an 'honourable' person dies.

However, one who is valiant faces every battle and the only one he will lose is the one where he dies with by fulfilling everything in life rather than backing down.

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful quote with us @davidp

Ur posts are often short, to say the least :P But u come up with some nice meme's and quotes ! :)

time to die only once ;)

we live once only so better die in valiant way