What is Synereo? Wildspark Launches its exciting new program

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Synereo offers blockchain-enabled Attention economy solutions. You can monetize your content irrespective of your publishing platform. According to Synereo, It is the Future of Content Creation, Publishing, and Distribution". They promise to provide you fair share. You can be able to monetize your own content.


Wildspark is the first tools released by Synereo. It is the unique way to monetize your content with a Cryptocurrency called AMP irrespective your publishing platform. It is a great platform where Creators and Curators are fairly compensated for their contributions.

Recently, I participated their bounty program and received some AMP as a gift. Now Wildspark launched their Referral Program. Every new user signing up through your link will earn you 3 more AMPs. If you want to join wildspark you may join through my referral link.


With Wildspark, You can share any video from youtube. It does not matter whether you are the owner of that video or not, You will be rewarded for sharing the content on Wildspark. What you have to do, download the Wildspark chrome extension and sign up. Then you can share any video by amping (sharing) into wildspark paltfrom.

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Has Wildspark gone live yet? And if not when do they anticipate the rollout?


It is already live. You can check. Thank you for your reply

Very informative.Thanks for sharing


I am happy you liked my content // Cheers

Hello.Your post pleased me, so to hold.I wish success and successes to you.Good day :)


Thank you my friend.

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I am waiting for their mobile version because I am always on mobile.

FYI: When I was new here I include referral links on my posts thinking it was ok because I can see that even some whales are doing it. I was surprised when I received a comment from @ steemitcleaners saying affiliate/referral links/codes are NOT allowed. 😟