This Sloth's Selfie Will Put A Huge Smile On Your Face

in wildlife •  9 months ago

Adventure tour guide Marcelo Sueth takes a wonderful selfie with a sloth and if he could talk he would tell you don't worry, be happy.

Marcelo Sueth came across this sloth when he was on a hike near the city of Rio de Janeiro. Even though sloths, as we know tend to be a little on the slow side so when he approached it and felt no threat, he decided to take a selfie with the cute animal.

”It was an amazing moment of interaction and exchange of good energy,” Sueth told ABC.

The picture has gained more than 2 million views on social media accounts and why wouldn't it ?

Sloths are solitary creatures but this one welcomed company and shared a smile with him. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but in this one it only says two to me...

Be happy.

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Ayyy sloths are the best <3

Haahaa what a funny pose....the cute animal was ready for it.😁😁

Wow.. amazing photography i appropriate your photography thanks for sharing...

wow....awsome photography...i like your post.. thank for sharing...@joseph

Lol. Really cute picture ever.. 😍

amzing photography , resteemed

@joseph nice photography..

Ha ha ha nice photography...really funy photography thanks for sharing sir....

Amazing.... great post

Nice selfie... Good job broe @joseph, made me smile when I saw the photo

Special Posts @joseph

This is an awesome post, made me smile. I was having some headaches at work and saw this on break and made things much better.

WowW Amazing.... Mongkey smile haha

Lmao !!!!!!!!! Monkey looking dapper

Very nice!) Good morning!)

Sloths are such funny animals. It seems like he’s posing for this!

This photo made me smile~

The sloth looks like he's so ready to have his picture taken!

This probably is Sid the Sloth from Ice Age! :D

Decent selfie... Great job broe @joseph, influenced me to grin when I saw the photograph😎😎😎