Lets ALL invite Julian Assange and Wikileaks to start using Steemit

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A little while ago, Julian Assange remarked that he was looking for alternatives to Twitter for himself and Wikileaks to start posting to. This seems like a no-brainer to me... but wouldn't it be great if Assange came here and started participating. I'd also like to see Edward Snowden and Barrett Brown posting on Steemit too. So here's what we need to do... we need to vote the hell out of this post so we can show them that they are wanted here and would be welcome. That's why I declined payment. This project of mine... creating a wikileaks/wikipedia type news site on Steemit that would pay contributors to do investigative reporting in micropayments.

The Federal Government has gone out of their way to intimdate media from reporting on the issues raised by Assange, Snowden and Barrett Brown... and also going after contributors with deep pockets. The beauty of Steemit being distributed is that it would make zero sense for the Govt to go after 1000 people for upvoting a couple of cents each to their blogposts. Steemit would help Assange and Snowden and Barrett Brown (with his Pursuance Project) in that way. Soooooo

Please upvote, resteem this post so we can show these couragous heros that they would have a warm welcome. Thanks!

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I like this idea! Resteeming!

yes lets email wikileaks and make videos! make youtube videos about how steemit is the new wikileaks where we can even have reportsres getting paid!

Indeed! :)

if them joining steem and posting here gets in the news, it will skyrocket the price of steem too