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Thank you HA and Randy for an awesome interview that managed to deal with incredibly heavy topics but still lifted spirits. Cheers to both of you.

Resteemed and I will share with everyone. Thank you so much for doing this! Big love to you Randy and to you H.A.!

Outcome yesterday was a disgrace. :(

Good to see you're able to post articles again. :)

Is Randy here on Steemit? That would be cool... He'd get a warm welcome. I'm surprised this post hasn't made more steem/money and gotten more exposure.

They want to make an example of Julian, as an attempt to intimidate other journalists from doing the kind of thing Wikileaks has done and continues to do... That's what this is about. As long as he is stuck in that embassy, they have a concrete example of the kind of power they can bring to bear on any effective whistleblower or creator of outlaw whistle-blower support infrustructure.

This deep state harrasement of Assange is a disgrace, see the finger pointers and see the true guilty here and there !

dan coats, director of national intelligence in the united states, makes the claim that russia believes itself successful in disrupting the 2016 elections, and is already planning to influence (again) the 2018 elections here in the united states. no evidence is offered, no reference is made to any action or infiltration. it is nonsense. then, mainstream news comes out, and without asking for evidence, or corroboration, or anything other than an invitation to the next big dc cocktail party, states that our 2018 election cycle is under attack from russians. it would be pathetic, if it weren't such a successful tactic. people do believe what they have heard repeatedly, just like they enjoy songs with which they are familiar. don't be a jelly brain. loving people means loving all people, and that includes russians. you rock common sense like john bonham, ha. thanks

Fantastic interview H. A. Goodman & Randy Credico, Thank you, Keep up the amazing work guys!!!!

Randy is so entertaining. Thanks for the great interview and HA and Credico both gave a shout out to my favorite sources of information on Steemit.

Thank both of you for stepping up where Operation Mockingbird MSM won't!

Upvoted Re-Steemed and Followed !

since none of the american patriots seems to have been brave enough to do it, let me risk my bandwidth on this one more time.


Niceone H.A. , Randy

@bifilarcoil (feel free to push some buttons on my rants)

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why should I?

Randy Cerico is a hell of a marketing media IMHO. Can't compete with the show this guy is putting in.

Great interview! Credico is a badass. Big up Elizabeth and Suzie too.

H. A, you should get on DTube. It's very easy to use and automatically posts to Steemit. I know you were having issues with storage.

please vote me brother

great one.thank you for your information

Awesome video HA and Randy!! Btw, with all the money and advantages the corp. machine lavishes on their propaganda puppets, I just read that Joy Reid's show got cancelled due to poor ratings. Seems truthsayers are having a more powerful impact than they anticipated. Thanks for all you do. May honest journalism & Julian Assange be fully vindicated!!

You go H.A.!

hallo sahabat steemit semua saya pendatang baru disini mohon bantuan untuk mejadi sahabat saya semua

Thank you HA and Randy for an awesome interview that managed to deal with incredibly heavy topics but still lifted spirits. Cheers to both of you.