Opinion: Attempted Censorship Of Christine Assange Reveals How Powerful Her Voice Is

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This article was originally published via Disobedient Media and is my own intellectual property.

It's not enough for the establishment to silence and isolate Julian Assange: they are so terrified of the truth, that they also blatantly attempt to silence his mother, Christine Assange. The unelected power structure's terror in the face of courage exposes their essential nature, and at the same time indicates the power that they ascribe to Christine Assange's voice.

Christine was scheduled to speak on the Unity4J 'State of the Movement' address, which was held yesterday by journalist Suzie Dawson, veteran CIA analyst and Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) co-founder Ray McGovern, filmmaker Vivian Kubrick, and myself. The entire event is available via Youtube. Those who have not yet joined the Unity4J Discord server and would like to do so can sign up at: Unity4J.com/Discord

Despite strenuous efforts made by Christine and our technical support team for over an hour, we were unable to connect with Christine or bring her onto the panel. She then attempted to send a message to Suzie Dawson, which was intended to be read to the audience of the live event. However, that message too was delayed until the moment the stream ended.

In light of the apparent attempt to silence Christine's voice, Dawson and I decided to re-start the stream immediately, in order to read the message from Christine that had finally come through.

When this writer attempted to post an alert about the upcoming second livestream via social media platforms including Facebook, an incredibly unusual glitch occurred, unrelated to my internet connection, which I have never encountered in the span of Disobedient Media's existence.

This author was prevented from spreading the word about a second live-stream of Christine Assange's sentiments.

Nonetheless, we were able to successfully stream a second time, the result of which is available via Youtube. A copy of Christine Assange's message to the Unity4J volunteers was also saved and published by Anonymous Global Radio: Christine wrote:

"Dear Unity 4 Julian team --

The tech gods have decreed that despite our best & varied efforts I was unable to join you tonight (apparently my phone is "busy")...but I wish to thank you all for your absolutely stellar work in amassing this formidable global army to protect & free my son Julian.

This will give him the hope, strength & love he will need in the fight for justice ahead.

Some time ago I called out for Wikileaks Worriers to be replaced by Wikileaks Warriors

And what Warriors you all are.

Joining together in co-operation & support with Julians long time supporters & defenders this new digital 21st Century global command centre is a welcome & timely boost in the fight for his freedom.

With special thanks to Wikileaks Wonder Woman Warrior Suzie Dawson for the concept & driving it to reality.

Love to all the fellow Wikileaks Warriors.

~~ Christine Assange"

In addition to preventing Christine from joining the live-streamed discussion, posts regarding the stream of her message were censored across social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Christine documented this via Twitter, writing:

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 3.32.54 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 3.33.24 PM.png

A number of Twitter users corroborated this censorship, stating throughout the day that Tweets by this writer, Suzie Dawson, Christine Assange and Kim Dotcom, among others, had been shadow-banned.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 3.33.57 PM.png

After her message was read to the live-stream audience, Christine wrote via Twitter: "Those steeped in corruption do not fight fairly or with honour. Their weapon of choice is smear. They use this to undermine support for honest courageous citizens standing up for freedom & democracy. What they fear more than anything else is an informed public!"

Although these events are purely circumstantial indications of interference, it was not the first example of censorship aimed at Christine Assange involving Twitter.

Press reports recount that the social media platform was forced to deny accusations of 'shadowbanning' her Twitter account just two months ago. The Daily Dot wrote: "A notification ban or shadowban is when a user’s posts are hidden without making that user aware that their posts are not appearing for others. A shadowbanned user’s Tweets won’t show up in searches, mentions or in replies."

Christine was also attacked via Twitter by members of the establishment, including Caroline Goode, the "Former UK 'counter terrorism' commander involved in the Snowden affair," as noted by WikiLeaks and Glenn Greenwald:

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 3.34.55 PM.png

Twitter accounts associated with the Unity4J effort have also experienced alleged censorship. Earlier in the day, the Twitter account of Unity4J spearhead Suzie Dawson was restricted for a number of hours. Some Twitter users reported being unable to interact with her Twitter account for the entire day.

By reading Christine's message to those who re-joined the stream, by publishing the transcript for the public to read, and by documenting the multiple layers of censorship implemented against Julian Assange's mother Christine Assange, supporters have exposed the fact that the deep state is terrified of Christine Assange.

The establishment has revealed the degree to which it fears Christine through its own coercive actions. The net result of their efforts will be Assange supporters listening more intently than ever to what she has to say. They will work even harder to ensure that her voice is heard loud and clear.

As Suzie Dawson said: "If they're gonna interfere with our streams, we need to stream more often; if they're going to try and silence Christine Assange, we need to uplift her voice."

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twitter is quickly becoming the official propaganda channel of trumpolini & the oligargs. they sensor social justice & occupy activists, but our dear leader threatening nuclear genocide is a-ok!


While Twatter has the temerity to censor elected representatives, they don't DARE censor Trump.

Can you even imagine what would happen to Twatter if they tried? They censor plenty of his supporters though. Recently it was demonstrated that they can't entirely get away with that, and they had to back off the censorship a bit.

great writing yet again from you Elizabeth thank you for all your work. <3


She does amazing work :)


Thank you so much! :)

The powers that be fear peaceful protestors more than anything on this planet.

They fear all of us with a loud voice. They wish we would all just bow down to their agenda going after Assange. Not going to happen Assange's rights are our rights.

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