List of wiki participants entitled to receive a share of STEEM collected in April

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Hi steemians! We're glad to announce that, in the year when we celebrate the project’s first anniversary, we passed April 2018 with 10 participants, who all contributed in wiki editing, updating or creating new pages in the past month. Fortunately we had a welcomed donation registered here in the post Good news! Our reward pool get wet again thanks to a new received donation from @someguy123 that soften the fact we're having a bad performance in the recent posts rewards, as we told in this post mentioning the dry reward pool and calling for donations.

As listed in the Active Users List page, the April's participans are @a-dalora (7 actions), @aiyumi (3 actions), @casagrande (10 actions), @casberp (24 actions), @flaviusbusck (13 actions), @freyman (2 actions), @leticiachiantia (1 action), @robertoueti (1 action), @thomashblum (9 actions) and @wagnertamanaha (20 actions). Thank you all!

You can check the hard work from all these collaborators, a lot of useful wiki pages in 9 different languages, clicking the link All Pages, visiting our weekly posts like the last one here or browse wiki as you want.

As proposed in the recent updated Rules, now the project wants to transfer to the participants 60% of all the STEEM collected by @steemcenterwiki in April, that is the amount of 38.454 STEEM.

Here is our current sharing calculation table:

April 2018 STEEM Reward Distribution

ParticipantWiki ActionsVd ShareVp ShareTotal Share
S =38.454

S = 38.454 (60% of the total of STEEM collected)
Vd = Unit of value to be tranfered to all registered monthly active wiki users (60% of the amount of STEEM)
Vp = Unit of value to be transfered proportionaly to the number of wiki actions (40% of the amount of STEEM)

There are also one public shared Google Spreadsheet that anyone with a Gmail or Google account could access and edit. If there isn't any flag or complaint about these numbers, next week the project will transfer the values above.

In April the participants @casberp and @robertoueti made their first contributions, welcome and thanks again!

Thanks to all project's participants, followers and supporters, let's collaborate to transform in the wiki about all steem related things!
And also thanks to @someguy123, the owner and creator of who soon aproved the project when proposed by @wagnertamanaha last year.

Image credits: illustration by @wagnertamanaha. : About | STEEM Rewards | Rules

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Thank you very much for your hard work.
Translated into Spanish here. 100% of the liquid rewards of this post will be transferred to @steemcenterwiki


You are welcome! Thanks for collaborating, obrigado and good luck again!!

Thanks for sharing this post.