Three steps to glory

in #wifey4 years ago

it's time to get back to work , stuff on the list ,busy busy man, what do I need? Oh ya I'll get it on the way
They paid me already so I better get started, didn't have this much work back then ... did I? Guess I did, just did it differently. Ahh, that fuckin fisherman. Man he knew what he was doing. Will it be worth it?
Fuck. I'm not sure, i'm really not sure ... but I have put a lot of work in, a LOT. Wow, standing on the mountain, airs cool up here, no far from the top now, not far. Should I stay or should I go?

Can I do the work?
Will it be good for others?
Will it bring me closer to accomplishing my goals?
What are my goals?
Who wants to do the work?
What does my heart want?

Earth in slow motion im in speed 5. Rubber burnin? Nah, not like that just catchin the breeze as I soar through midnight streets. Seein it now? Nah not me, felt like i should stop but really want to go. Not here not there but fuck man where? gimme a spot i'll make it nice, just chillen mayne, cold on ice.

sweep the floor, nice and tight, get that shit done and move on, aight?

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