Do You Ask & Allow with Your Spouse?

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Too often in our relationships we’re expected to read our significant others mind. And we expect our significant other to read our mind as well- naturally this impossible to do. Intuition is a gift everyone has, albeit some are more aware of their intuitive ability then others, still everyone possess the gift. Think about it, countless times without speaking a word to your life partner you was able to sense their state of being and inquisitively inquire. Even if you’re not exact about the feelings or concerns they are having, you can definitely sense that there’s something internally nagging that person. It’s a common practice most people innately do without real thought. For example; If your intuition senses your wife’s vibration is good, you automatically and curiously ask “What are you so happy about?” When you sense your boyfriend’s energy is not so good you ask “What’s wrong?, uncertain to whether you really want to know.

Next time you sense your partner is troubled or concerned about anything, instead of asking “What’s wrong?” instead say something like “Honey I’m sensing something is on your mind…” and then…

Ask− How can I support you? (Now you’ve let them know that you are open and available to listen to them.)

A common cause of communication break down between couples is that one or both persons often feel they do not have adequate genuine support. This perpetuates the harboring of thoughts and feelings that most likely will not be expressed (unless in a volatile state). When your partner can trust that you are authentic in your concern, it’s only then will they Trust.

Initially, when asking “How can I support you?” you may get the typical involuntary response “Nothing. I’m o.k.”. If so, accept their response. Next…
Allow− (Now you’ve demonstrated a great respect for them as a person and consideration of their time to sort out their feelings and thoughts.)

Your partner, in that moment, may not be ready to be completely open about the matter. This is O.K! Because you are approaching your partner from a place of selflessness, it should be easy to respect their space and not feel the need to force them to talk about their concern at that time when they are not ready to. Now that you’ve asked and shared your sense of their energy, they are well aware that you are there to genuinely support them and you must trust their awareness.

Most likely they just need more time to process feelings and gather thoughts before sharing. It’s important to allow “safe space” and time for them to open and share.

In relationships, it’s easy to make someone else’s concerns all about You. The reality is they’re not. If you Ask & Allow it permits the communication and connection to be easier to channel, enables both people to give, receive and grow in their relationship safely and more peacefully.!

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