Wicrypt - A Big Thing Coming to internet lovers

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Hello Everyone, Welcome to my Blog


I want to use this opportunity to share the latest update I got from a friend to you guys, it's very beneficial that's Why I decided to share.

Wicrypt, got me loving internet.. its reasons and ways of making fund is mind blowing..

what is Wicrypt and things you should know about it.

Wicrypt is a secure mobile app that helps you earn money when users connect to your hotspot through this, empowers everyone to share high-speed internet access with their community for free, or at whatever rates they choose to.

Wicrypt is a virtual Internet Service Provider that gives users the power to control their own mobile internet data.

This wireless technology that can be used to connect computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices to the internet can be shared via Wicrypt routers or via your mobile phone.

With this tecnology "Wicrypt", users can have access to more affordable internet data while also giving them the power to make money from it.

Features on Wicrpt App includes:

  1. Turn on your Wi-Fi to connect to an available Wicrypt hotspot near you.
  2. Turn on your hotspot to share your data and earn when people connect to your network.
  3. Set your billing rate to any amount of your choice to start earning.
  4. Transfer Wicrypt Credit to other Wicrypt users
  5. Monitor data usage to manage consumption.

With Wicrypt, you can connect to any Wicrypt WiFi near you at affordable rates and stay connected to the internet.

You can do so much more with your data on Wicrypt.

see their terms and conditions here!!


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