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With the invention of the internet the world is now a global village where every parts of the world are interconnected. The world is quickly developing and more digitalized. The internet is actually more dynamic than the real world. Some goliath organizations and site proprietors knows this and are currently utilizing this chance to catch and control people character and Location in this manner making people hazardous, Monitored and inclined to assault through the internet. No one needs to be observed or controlled. Wibson realizes that and that is the reason they have given a solution to that Wibson is a blockchain chain based, decentralized data commercial center that gives individual the capacity to securely and namelessly sell their private their character and wellbeing is sheltered while surfing the internet


The Wibson Solution

Presentation of the Wibson decentralized data commercial center which gives infrastructural and financial solidarity to people to securely and secretly surf, buy and sell private data that are substantial on the internet without putting their character and privacy in danger Standards OF Wibson is profound established on a specific arrangements of rules that makes them one of a kind and appreciated, they incorporate;

TRANSPARENCY: they furnish people with complete visual data on how their data is being utilized

2.ANONYMITY: they certainly furnish you with your privacy and keep your character unknown and will never uncover it without your insight

Decency: this one is basically stunning. People can exchange data for esteem which implies that people can their data for financial motivations having at the top of the priority list that the free market activity decides the cost of the exchange

CONTROL: Ultimately, you will be in control and responsible for your character, privacy and individual data. Amazing...this resembles giving an individual the keys to a city on the internet


Get the Wibson's app for a device on google play store. It is assessed that in excess of 53000 people are utilizing this app and it sure to keep developing as the significance of this app can be found in the use. Download the app and see with your own eyes. You can likewise Start winning Wibson token for your data. Great, you should simply download the app



Wibson data commercial center is centered around three(3)types of members which incorporates;

  1. Data sellers: these are the owners of data on who put them on sale on the Wibson data marketplace. The availability of various data make the seller and important component because they make the data available for all needing. Price are usually attached to the data recommending it's value.

  2. Data buyer: These are entities that purchase data from seller. The Wibson marketplace give them the oppurtunity to get their desired data at a global marketplace.

  3. Notaries: These are like legal entities other regulatory bodies that ensure transactions are carried out to the books and settling of data disputes between sellers and buyers of individual and organizational data.

These three members are associated and interface with a smart contract address installed in Wibson protocol


20%-for consultants, group and accomplices

40%-to buyers

40%-advertise members which incorporates the data sellers, buyer and Notaries

Aggregate sum of wibson - 9, 000,000,000

Wibson Website:

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