An Overview of Wibson's Solution and Core Values

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Decentralized Marketplace has turned out to be the needed solution to the several challenges of human interaction, with the effective governance and management of the system, not by any centralized body, but by the members of the decentralized community. Hence, this kind of marketplace can be intertwined with any ecosystem suffering too much centralized authorities and exploitation.

Data Sharing ecosystems have so far experienced exploitation in unimaginable levels, it is a sad thing to note that, not only are individual data retrieved in the most unimaginable and illegal means,but these data are being sold at exorbitant rates to companies and firms.

Wibson has indeed stood up to protect the interest of the community of data owners worldwide, by creating an architecture that allows for effective decentralization of the data sharing ecosystem, with an incentivized addition to the marketplace.

Wibson not only seeks to remove power from the hands of those companies who on daily basis find out means to burgle individuals of their personal data and sell them to make money, but also to give the individuals who owns these data to get into the marketplace and interact seamlessly, while enjoying the monetary incentives that accrue to the type of data they present.

Over the past few months, Wibson team has been working relentlessly to ensure that more people all over the world understands that their personal data are valuable and that they could earn financial incentives for sharing their data.

Wibson App is currently available in the UK, Argentina, Spain and Uruguay, and so far, the move towards decentralizing the data sharing industries is rapidly growing in these countries. People are getting sensitized on the importance and value of their individual data and how to maximize the usage in this 21st century.

The Wibson App has so far experienced growth, development and acceptance, not just because of the Excellent design and UI of the App, but also by the innovative approach the App is utilizing to solve the challenges of Data Sharing worldwide.
The Wibson team is a group of innovative tech specialists, who seeks not just to remove the activities of middle men, while giving everyone equal share to participate in the marketplace and learn a few things.

Wibson Core Principles

Just like every successful business, Wibson company also has its good list of Values in which they revere and follow through in everything they do for the entire Wibson ecosystem. Some of these values include:
Transparency: With blockchain technology, Wibson seeks to build an Application with immutable data sharing ecosystem, allowing everyone to operate honestly with each other, and having a transparent trust-less system in form of Smart Contract

Anonymity: Because these data are personal and individual, it is important that the individual selling the data remains anonymous till the transaction details, hence the incorporation of encrypted data algorithm

Fairness: In every transaction of human interaction, there is always a particular emotion crying out for fairness and equity, Wibson App institutionalized the Notaries to serve as the third party and both the umpire to preside over transactions on this ecosystem.

Control: Having the ability to control how your data is being used is a plus to members of the Wibson ecosystem. The Wibson team, has created a means whereby every form of information and data sold by an individual could be monitored for use and the data seller can choose to be a part pf this ever growing partners.

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IamChijamz Writes


Decentralized data sharing is a fast growing market, how long until the app gets to africa, Nigeria in particular?

To bring such innovative Decentralized Application to any country, Wibson team would have to siugn a memorandum of understanding with the government,

It is the Wish of the team for Wibson App to be available world wide, but it will take some time and also work, between everyone.

Now I understand better. From your article, I think Wibson is worth a try

Thank You for Dropping By, you can join our Telegram Group chat for more information.

Fairness in every dealings provokes the penetration of decentralization hence it has come to stay. You got my ratings. 👍

Just checked on Playstore,i am unable to download,because its not available for my region.

I am indeed waiting for when the App would be available for Africans

BTW Amazing article Mate!

We do not have a specific date now, But we are already working hard towards adoption in more countries

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